Leelanau Sands Casino

Final Results: $229,224 total prize pool
Tony Haddad takes home $63,348!

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Leelanau Sands Casino Top 6

First Place

Antone Haddad
Northville, MI

Second Place

Mario Hudson
St. Paul, MN

Third Place

Sean Roy
Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Fourth Place

Brandon Lamrock
Millington, MI

Fifth Place

Charles Tobel
New Hudson, MI

Sixth Place

Scott Drill
Edina, MN


Leelanau Sands Casino Top 30 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Antone Haddad $63,348 1,000
2. Mario Hudson $31,674 750
3. Sean Roy $20,362 600
4. Brandon Lamrock $15,837 450
5. Charles Tobel $13,575 400
6. Scott Drill $11,312 350
7. Dempster Ross $9,050 300
8. Kevin Crotty $7,919 250
9. Chris Johnson $6,787 200
10. Marc Whitford $5,656 150
11. Daniel Kipina $4,525 100
12. Jim Williams $3,959 95
13. Jeffrey Doane $3,394 90
14. Robert Haney $2,828 85
15. John Sulivan $2,262 80
16. Philip Fahey $1,810 75
17. Robert Moore $1,810 70
18. Gary Starrett $1,810 65
19. Steven Perczvk $1,810 60
20. Brian Mason $1,810 55
21. Brett Schaner $1,584 50
22. Kyle Brossla $1,584 45
23. Chesleigh Denison $1,584 40
24. Mike Hudson $1,584 35
25. Bradley Goilce $1,584 30
26. Dave Peters $1,357 25
27. Gary Tarr $1,357 20
28. Gary Dosey $1,357 15
29. John Carrio $1,357 10
30. Jeffery Rine $1,357 5

Leelanau Sands Casino Recap

Hundreds of poker players flocked to the shores of Lake Michigan this weekend to compete in what has become a May tradition for the HPT at the Leelanau Sands Casino. In the end, a pizza restaurant owner from Northville, Michigan topped the competition and took home the $63,000 first prize.
"I just had a feeling about this," said newly crowned HPT champ Antone "Tony" Haddad. "All weekend long I felt this was my time, and I was going to take this tournament down."
Something must have been in the cards for Haddad as he found himself in dire straights numerous times, only to see a miraculous river card save his day and continue his quest for an HPT championship. Long before the final table began, Haddad caught some phenomenal cards and after almost twelve hours of play, arrived at the HPT final table, in fifth chip position.
The miracles started early for Haddad when he was trapped and all-in by former HPT champion Scott Drill, with Drill holding pocket aces, against Haddad's pocket fours. With a board that included three spades after the turn, Haddad was down to ONE OUT with the river to come. A shocking four of clubs showed up on the river and it seemed as if destiny was in the house. A couple hands later, Haddad eliminated Drill by catching a running straight, sending the shaken HPT champ to the rail with two terrible beats.
Eventual 2nd place finisher, Mario Hudson, actually controlled the final table for much of the day and seemed in the perfect position to win the tournament. Hudson, a small business owner from St. Paul, Minnesota, played exceptional poker throughout the final table and seemed to have it won, when another gift from above for Tony kept him from a championship. Fittingly, Tony flopped a broadway straight on the last hand proving once and for all, it was his tournament and his time. 
The Heartland Poker Tour will continue it's Season Three filming next month with a first ever trip to the Turning Stone Casino in upstate New York. Eight separate events are planned at Turning Stone including two TV final tables. The action starts June 10th and continues through the 18th.
Total Entrants into Main Event - 162
Total Prize Pool - $229,244

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