Shooting Star Casino

HPT Crowns First Female Champion
Final Results:
$192,181 total prize pool

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Shooting Star Casino Top 6

First Place

Jenny Kriewald
Valley City, ND

Second Place

Caleb Schumacher
Thompson, ND

Third Place

Richard Jurina
Rochert, MN

Fourth Place

Thane Fliginger
Fargo, ND

Fifth Place

Russell Spaid
Pierre, SD

Sixth Place

Don Eagen
Moorhead, MN


Shooting Star Casino Top 30 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Jenny Kriewald $52,973 1,000
2. Caleb Schumacher $26,485 750
3. Richard Jurina $17,026 600
4. Thane Fliginger $13,242 450
5. Russell Spaid $11,351 400
6. Don Eagen $9,459 350
7. Lance Harris $7,567 300
8. Richard Kadlec $6,621 250
9. Brian Stavnes $5,675 200
10. Marinela Selseth $4,729 150
11. Daniel Hostrup $3,784 100
12. Chad Ransom $3,311 95
13. Jeb Johnson $2,838 90
14. Robert Whalen $2,365 85
15. Troy Huston $1,892 80
16. Steven Ratti $1,513 75
17. Tom Burbi $1,513 70
18. Steve Hammerschmidt $1,513 65
19. Riley Rosengren $1,513 60
20. James Klosterbaur $1,513 55
21. Eric McDougall $1,324 50
22. Darwin Wallenburg $1,324 45
23. Glen Bucholz $1,324 40
24. Jeremy Lynde $1,324 35
25. Eric Thompson $1,324 30
26. Ray Novitske $1,135 25
27. Kurt Brorby $1,135 20
28. Peter Courchene $1,135 15
29. Michael Pankow $1,135 10
30. Paul Smith $1,135 5

Shooting Star Casino Recap

The Heartland Poker Tour returned to its roots in central Minnesota this past weekend at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, MN.
The event started on Wednesday with single table satellites and lead into the first ever HPT warm up Bounty Tournament held on Thursday. Everyone had a blast. It was a $150 buy in with a $150 bounties on HPT producers Todd Anderson and Greg Lang. Television Broadcast team of Chris Hanson and Fred Bevill were also on the bounty chopping block. All four bounties we collected fairly early and the HPT gang was sent packing.
None of the players that collected bounties finished in the money. The eventual winner of the 4,500 first place prize was Chris Hennum.
Friday and Saturday featured nearly 600 players that competed in four HPT qualifying events trying to win their way into Sunday's Main Event.
The $1,650 main event started at 8am Sunday morning with 133 rounders in the filed. When the dust cleared, Jenny Kriewald of Valley City, North Dakota took home the championship ,$53,000 plus a $3,000 package into the year end tournament of Champions event, becoming the first ever female champion in HPT history. On the way to her historic achievement, Jenny outlasted almost 600 players and bested a final table that included two professional players, including Caleb Schumaker, a 19 year old internet phenom, who took second place and over $26,000.
"This feels awesome," said Kriewald, a 29 year old mother of three who owns a daycare center in the small North Dakota town. "I'm going to Vegas!" she finished.
Kriewald, who's father is the Valley City police chief (and doesn't necessarily like her pension for poker), won her way into the HPT tournament by playing free bar league poker in her home town. The Dakota Poker League champ then parlayed her free roll into a qualifier entry and eventually reached the final table as chip leader, and used patience and a little luck to bring home the top prize. Her plans now include more tournament poker including a spot in the WSOP ladies event this summer.
The Heartland Poker Tour marches on next month with a return visit to Leelanau Sands Casino near Traverse City, Michigan in May, and then a trip to the beautiful Turning Stone Casino in upstate New York for a week long series of events this June. The HPT continues to draw huge fields to their events having awarded almost 1.5 million in prize money within the past six weeks.

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