Majestic Star Casino

HPT Champion crowned in Gary IN
Final Results:
$506,440 Total Prize Pool

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Majestic Star Casino Top 6

First Place

Jimmy Kroll
New Lenox, IL

Second Place

Giovanni Magat
Chicago, IL

Third Place

Joseph Darnell
Merrillville, IN

Fourth Place

Joshua Schlein
Baltimore, MD

Fifth Place

Bret Clayton
Mapleton, IL

Sixth Place

Tony Gong
Chicago, IL


Majestic Star Casino Top 30 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Jimmy Kroll $140,963 1,000
2. Giovanni Magat $70,482 750
3. Joseph Darnell $45,310 600
4. Joshua Schlein $35,241 450
5. Bret Clayton $30,206 400
6. Tony Gong $25,172 350
7. Joseph Russo $20,138 300
8. Kimberly Moore $17,620 250
9. Mike Puccio $15,103 200
10. Jason Severe $12,586 150
11. Hristos Kehagins $10,069 100
12. Philip Fahey $8,810 95
13. Jeffrey Pecs $7,552 90
14. Jay Durant $6,293 85
15. Michael DiSilvestro $5,034 80
16. James Goodeve $4,028 75
17. Harold Kilgore $4,028 70
18. Scott Mulholland $4,028 65
19. Ross Cosyns $4,028 60
20. Rodger Johnson $4,028 55
21. Richard Mauro $3,524 50
22. Joe Ermatinger $3,524 45
23. Marinela Selseth $3,524 40
24. Ben Sagan $3,524 35
25. David Makula $3,524 30
26. Robert Koza $3,021 25
27. Thomas Orr $3,021 20
28. Jeff Krug $3,021 15
29. James McManus $3,021 10
30. Joe Freenan $3,021 5

Majestic Star Casino Recap

The largest Heartland Poker Tour field ever turned out for the Majestic Star tournament this past week in Gary, Indiana, creating a prize pool of more than $500,000, the largest prize pool to date for the HPT.
After one of the wildest final tables ever, Jimmy “Vegas” Kroll emerged on top and pocketed $140,963, vowing he was “on his way to Vegas” after the tournament. Jimmy entered the final six as one of the short stacks, but doubled up early and then rode a roller coaster and more than a few beers to his dream of winning an HPT championship. Kroll’s motto of “just have fun” was on display, especially as he gathered the stacks of cash after the final hand when his full house toppled second place finisher Gio Magat’s two pair.
Magat, a Chicago native, had to be satisfied with his second place finish, having entered the final table as the shortest stack and surviving several all-ins throughout the day. Third place went to Joseph Darnell, from Merrillville, Indiana. Darnell was a dominate chip leader with three remaining, but lost two crushing hands to Kroll, eventually going out when his trip nines with a 10 kicker lost to Kroll’s holding of 9/6, when he filled up on the river.
“That was probably the most exciting final table we’ve ever had,” said Todd Anderson, HPT producer. “The atmosphere was fantastic and we had some really wild hands, and river cards. Those guys had a good time, especially our new champion. It’s going to make for a great TV show.”
The Heartland Poker Tour wrapped its third tournament in the past four weeks, with another huge turnout and another sell out, having filled the tournament just last week in Meskwaki (Tama, Iowa). With this most recent event in Gary, Indiana, the HPT has awarded over 1 Million in prize money in the month of March alone. The HPT is currently filming its third season with events planned every month from now through September. The next chance to play an HPT event will be in April at the Shooting Star Casino in northern Minnesota.
HPT Majestic:
Total Entries to Main Event 208
Total Prize pool $506,440
Number of players in qualifiers 841