Majestic Star Casinos

Majestic Star Casinos & Hotel
Gary, Indiana
July 19-28, 2008
 Total Prize Pool: $692,777
1,263 players in Qualifiers; 480 players in the Main Event
Congrats to Shane Sigsbee taking home the "HPT Champion Jacket" and $206,273!

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Majestic Star Casinos Quick Summary

“This feels pretty good,” said Sigsbee. “Now it’s off to the golf course.”

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Majestic Star Casinos Top 6

First Place

Shane Sigsbee
Chicago, IL

Second Place

Jason DeWitt
Granger, IN

Third Place

Frank Berrettoni
South Chicago Heights, IL

Fourth Place

Jack Sladek
Mount Prospect, IL

Fifth Place

Paul Lieu
Aurora, IL

Sixth Place

Ryan Henline
Luckey, OH


Majestic Star Casinos Top 47 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Shane Sigsbee $206,273 1,000
2. Jason DeWitt $103,136 750
3. Frank Berrettoni $61,882 600
4. Jack Sladek $48,130 450
5. Paul Lieu $41,255 400
6. Ryan Henline $34,379 350
7. Alexander Tinsley $21,727 300
8. Brian Johnson $18,565 250
9. Jerry Matlock $13,201 200
10. Billy James $10,932 150
11. Mason Awtry $9,282 100
12. Everett Carlton $8,457 95
13. George Dietz $7,426 90
14. Robert Koe $6,394 85
15. Yoon Kim $5,638 80
16. Paul Shelly $4,882 75
17. Shawn Eno $4,882 70
18. Albert Wojewnik $4,882 65
19. Jacob Stearley $4,882 60
20. Gerald Fitzpatrick $4,882 55
21. Tom Domback $3,300 50
22. Michael Bird $3,300 45
23. Imari Love $3,300 40
24. Christopher Baltus $3,300 35
25. Scott Rokita $3,300 30
26. Richard Tardio $2,750 25
27. Mark Pratt $2,750 20
28. Vincenzo Cairo $2,750 15
29. Mike Emanuelson $2,750 10
30. William O'Donnell $2,750 5
31. William Blair $2,544 0
32. Kevin King $2,544 0
33. Michael Flegel $2,544 0
34. Daniel Didech $2,544 0
35. Francisco Ramirez $2,544 0
36. Harold Gearhart $2,063 0
37. Ashraf Saadah $2,063 0
38. James Longo, Jr. $2,063 0
39. Kyle Schertz $2,063 0
40. Joseph Freeman $2,063 0
41. Matthew Devor $1,925 0
42. Mike Puccio $1,925 0
43. Clifford Spiro $1,925 0
44. Joseph DeMarco $1,925 0
45. Ronnie Nesheiwat $1,925 0
46. Scott Mulholland $1,925 0
47. Ben Freeman $1,925 0

Majestic Star Casinos Recap

Aspiring golfer and options trader Shane Sigsbee, 23, went wire to wire this week at the Heartland Poker Tour’s Majestic Star event, eventually besting a record field and taking down the $206,273 first place prize money. Sigsbee, a recent graduate of Notre Dame, had a whirlwind weekend of golf and poker with his father Jim watching from the rail for three days straight. In the end Sigsbee played “big stack” poker and pushed the action at the final table which only lasted 42 hands.

“This feels pretty good,” said Sigsbee. “Now it’s off to the golf course.”

Besides playing poker for the entire weekend, Sigsbee, a collegiate golfer, has plans to play in the 36 hole U.S. Amateur qualifier on Tuesday in Indiana. Once again his father will be watching the entire way as he caddies for his talented young son as he tries to earn a spot in the big dance.

“I’m very proud of what my son has accomplished” said Mr. Sigsbee. “He’s a fine young man and a lot of fun to be around.”

Sigsbee credited his golf background with his composure at a poker table saying he takes a Tiger Woods philosophy of staying focused and not letting bad shots or bad cards alter his game plan or his focus. He also credits his young career as on options trader on the Chicago Board of Trade.

“Options trading and poker are very similar,” said Sigsbee. “It’s all about managing risk and taking advantage of probabilities.”

Sigsbee showed his command of risk and probability at the final table by consistently re-raising his opponents, exerting constant pressure and winning smallish pots. When the action got to heads up, he weathered losing a huge pot to eventual second place finisher Jason DeWitt that virtually evened the match. Sigsbee took the loss with no emotion whatsoever and took down the tournament a few hands later when he and DeWitt both flopped top pair and Sigsbee’s kicker edged his opponent.

Majestic Star has proven to be a favorite stop on the Heartland Poker Tour and this weekend was no exception as they had 480 entrants into the main event, their best showing ever.

“We always love it when the HPT comes to Majestic,” said poker room manager Dominic Niro. “Our players love playing in big tournaments and these are always the biggest tournaments in the Chicago land area.”

For the Heartland Poker Tour, this event marks the half way point on their Season IV schedule of events. The next stop on the tour starts in just a few weeks at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, a beautiful property and a new stop on the HPT.

“We’ve really had a good year so far,” said HPT co-founder Todd Anderson. “We’ve had 8 new champions and some record prize pools. We’re looking forward to the rest of the year. There are some great stops on the tour.