The HPT Championship Open at Majestic Star

"The HPT Championship Open" at Majestic Star Casinos
Gary, Indiana
November 12-24, 2008
Total Prize Pool: $457,982
678 players in Qualifiers; 239 players in the Main Event
Congrats to Ron Rogers taking home the "HPT Champion Jacket" and $136,495!

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The HPT Championship Open at Majestic Star Quick Summary

"The Championship Event is always a favorite reminding me of a family reunion celebrating our players and wrapping the year for us."

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The HPT Championship Open at Majestic Star Top 6

First Place

Ron Rogers
Edwardsburg, MI

Second Place

Barry Brown
Walker, MI

Third Place

Ben Castle
Western Springs, IL

Fourth Place

Andy Rubinberg
Skokie, IL

Fifth Place

Tim Vance
Millstadt, IL

Sixth Place

Leon Morford
Rockford, IL


The HPT Championship Open at Majestic Star Top 30 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Ron Rogers $136,495 1,000
2. Barry Brown $68,247 750
3. Ben Castle $40,948 600
4. Andy Rubinberg $31,849 450
5. Tim Vance $27,299 400
6. Leon Morford $22,749 350
7. Vinh Ho $15,924 300
8. Edmond Brooks $13,649 250
9. Gary Allen $11,375 200
10. Stuart Marshak $9,100 150
11. Salvatore Russotiesi $7,735 100
12. Jason Glass $6,825 95
13. Bill Dowell, Jr. $5,915 90
14. Mary Jo Belcore-Zogman $5,005 85
15. Gary Herstein $4,550 80
16. Boulos Estafanous $3,867 75
17. Jesse Green $3,867 70
18. Steven Belcaster $3,867 65
19. Michael DiSilvestro $3,867 60
20. Eric Dam $3,867 55
21. James Mosele $3,094 50
22. Pete Falco $3,094 45
23. Orestis Tsalas $3,094 40
24. Eric Matulis $3,094 35
25. John Miller $3,094 30
26. Jay Hospital $2,502 25
27. Scott Glaze $2,502 20
28. Michael Cohen $2,502 15
29. Alexander Popovich $2,502 10
30. Chad Hahn $2,502 5

The HPT Championship Open at Majestic Star Recap

The temperature was brisk over the weekend at Heartland Poker Tourís (HPT) annual Championship Event at the Majestic Star Casino, but the poker action was on fire. The Majestic Star Casino hosted Season IVís final event in Gary, Indiana where Ron Rogers of Michigan won the much anticipated Main Event Champion title with a field of 239 poker players with a prize pool distributed over $450,000.

HPT Co-Founder Todd Anderson said, ďThe Championship Event is always a favorite reminding me of a family reunion celebrating our players and wrapping the year for us. We are thrilled to present the title and $136,000 to Ron Rogers. He represents HPTís tradition of Real Players, Unreal Money.Ē

Ron Rogers, a part time auctioneer and a real estate investor/lender in Edwardsburg, Michigan went into the final table hot with the chip lead with a remarkable occurrence of knocking out every player at the final table. Rogers fought against the whoís who of past HPT Main Event Winners and professional poker players and had luck on his side. One of the key moments was when Rogers knocked out Leon Morford, 2007 Winner of the HPT Championship Event.

Morford lead out a raising with K/Jsuited while Rogers call defending his big blind holding Ac/ 5s. Both players hit the flop of 5d Jh 3d. Morford pushed all-in while Ron went into the tank and called. The turn was a blank, then the river hit Roger giving him a set to win the pot and knock out Morford.

From then, Rogers kept his steady pace and outlasted the other four players at the final table. Rogers went on to go heads up with Barry Brown, also from Michigan. Rogers had Brown dominated almost three to one at the start. Rogers lost his led and things looked bleak, but Rogers prevailed winning the final hand with A/c and 8/c.

Along with celebrating Rogers Championship title, HPT also celebrated the 100th episode with a four day extravaganza kicking off the Main Event with a four tiered cake and an exclusive Championship Party at the Lakeshore Lounge Friday evening. The 2008 Main Event winners traveled from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Colorado and all over the country to try and win the much sought after prize of HPT Player of the Year. Mary Jo Belcore-Zogman won the Player of the Year award after her 14th place finish making history again and representing the lady poker players of the world. Early this year, Mary Jo Belcore-Zogman and Dan Zogman, made history being the first husband and wife team to both win a Main Event championship.

The Heartland Poker Tour will kick-off Season V on January, 30th with the first ever Oklahoma tour stop at the Downstream Casino Resort . Season V will have much more hot poker action crowning new champions across the country.

The HPT team wants to extend a BIG THANK YOU to our poker players, casino partners, family and friends for their tireless support over the past four years making many dreams come true.