Greektown Casino

Greektown Casino
Detroit, Michigan
October 17-26, 2008
Total Prize Pool: $545,646
1030 players in Qualifiers; 374 players in the Main Event
Congrats to Pat Meeks taking home the "HPT Champion Jacket" and $162,792!

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Greektown Casino Quick Summary

This is all pretty overwhelming right now, said Meeks. Im working on a couple hours of sleep and Im practically unconscious right now. Im sure its going to take a few days to sink in.

Please check out the full event write up below.

Greektown Casino Top 6

First Place

Pat Meeks
Walker, MI

Second Place

Dean Hamrick
East Lansing, MI

Third Place

Tony Villano
Bay City, MI

Fourth Place

Gary Dosey
Chelsea, MI

Fifth Place

Woodrow William Sloan
Belleville, MI

Sixth Place

Trevor Hackworth
Bowling Green, OH


Greektown Casino Top 38 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Pat Meeks $162,792 1,000
2. Dean Hamrick $81,396 750
3. Tony Villano $48,838 600
4. Gary Dosey $37,985 450
5. Woodrow William Sloan $32,558 400
6. Trevor Hackworth $27,132 350
7. Richard Austin $18,341 300
8. David Reno $15,465 250
9. Dean Thurman, Jr. $11,124 200
10. Jamey Kramer $9,225 150
11. David Conron $7,923 100
12. Eric Leonard $7,054 95
13. Paul Welke $6,403 90
14. Aaron Zachos $5,318 85
15. Andrew Donnell $4,992 80
16. Stuart Hoag $4,233 75
17. Nemer Haddad $4,233 70
18. Henry Sayles, Jr. $4,233 65
19. Iven Sharrak $4,233 60
20. Francesco Lomanno $4,233 55
21. Bob Buxman $2,985 50
22. Anthony Gargano, Jr. $2,985 45
23. Gerald Gregory $2,985 40
24. Charles Williams $2,985 35
25. Dennis Huguelet $2,985 30
26. Ryan Robinson $2,442 25
27. Michael Jenkins $2,442 20
28. Travis Reeds $2,442 15
29. Eric Stocz $2,442 10
30. James Sparks $2,442 5
31. Jeffery Wurn $2,225 0
32. Heather Schuchaskie $2,225 0
33. Sidney Parker $2,225 0
34. Ronald Gamache $2,225 0
35. Randall Brooks $2,225 0
36. Kip Lanway $2,225 0
37. Casey Enders $2,225 0
38. Christian Stofko $2,225 0

Greektown Casino Recap

Four hometown buddies drove 3 hours at the last minute on a hunch their friend was going to do something special at the most recent Heartland Poker Tour event. Their hunch was correct as they got there just in time to watch him sail to victory and capture an HPT championship and $165,792 at Greektown Casino in downtown Detroit. Patrick Meeks, 37, was playing in his first ever Heartland Poker Tour event just a few hours from his hometown of Walker, MI. Playing on just a couple hours of sleep, Meeks took advantage of a great run of cards to capture his title.

This is all pretty overwhelming right now, said Meeks. Im working on a couple hours of sleep and Im practically unconscious right now. Im sure its going to take a few days to sink in.

Meeks had two pivotal hands to propel him to the win. The first came with eight players remaining when he got it in bad with J10 of clubs against KK and AA. A magical club hit the river giving him a flush and tripling him up. Hours later Meeks found himself against the wall again with three remaining when his QQ ran into KK. A queen hit the flop and another on the turn giving him quads and provided the chips necessary to find the finish line.

We just had a feeling said one of his buddies after the finish. We figured worst case we could just party in Detroit for the night, but this is better.

Meeks had to overcome one of the hottest poker players on the planet by beating Dean Hamrick heads up for the championship. Hamrick is just now hitting the national television stage with his recent 10th place finish at the WSOP main event this past summer. Nationally televised episodes of that finish have been airing for weeks and Hamrick was very recognizable during his HPT run. After picking up pocket Aces three times during the final table, it looked like Hamrick was going to run his luck into an HPT championship, but it was not to be for him this time.

For the Greektown Casino it was another monster event with 375 players in the $1650 main event. The prize pool was one of the biggest in Michigan history.

The Heartland Poker Tour has three more events for the 2008 season starting this weekend in Tama, Iowa at Meskwaki Casino. The next two weekends are booked as well with events at Running Aces Card Room in the Twin Cities and the year end finale at Majestic Star Casinos in Gary, IN for the year end championship event.