Downstream Casino Resort - Quapaw, OK


Downstream Resort Casino
Quapaw, Oklahoma
January 30 - February 8, 2009
Total Prize Pool: $428,571
1024 Players in Qualifiers; 446 players in the Main Event
Congratulations to Sean
Sananikone for taking 1st Place and $127,404!

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Downstream Casino Resort - Quapaw, OK Quick Summary

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Downstream Casino Resort - Quapaw, OK Top 6

First Place

Sean Sananikone
Fort Smith, AR

Second Place

James Jennings
Monkey Island, OK

Third Place

Matt Newcombe
Ada, OK

Fourth Place

Chad Long
Sapulpa, OK

Fifth Place

Daniel Haley
Skiatook, OK

Sixth Place

George C Miller
Galana, KS


Downstream Casino Resort - Quapaw, OK Top 44 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Sean Sananikone $127,404 1,000
2. James Jennings $63,702 750
3. Matt Newcombe $38,221 600
4. Chad Long $29,728 450
5. Daniel Haley $25,481 400
6. George C Miller $21,234 350
7. Timmy Chandler $13,887 300
8. Boyd Cox $11,891 250
9. Ricky Welch $8,494 200
10. Herbert Montalbano $7,007 150
11. Justin L $6,030 100
12. Colin Leighton $5,436 95
13. Brian Flanary $4,671 90
14. Jesse Coatney $4,034 85
15. Derek Foltz $3,567 80
16. Andy Zimmerman $3,015 75
17. Harold Douglas $3,015 70
18. Rokurt Little $3,015 65
19. David Storin $3,015 60
20. Clayton Walker $3,015 55
21. Barbara Campbell $2,166 50
22. Frank Donovan $2,166 45
23. John Kurfman $2,166 40
24. Robert Daves $2,166 35
25. Eugene Alloway $2,166 30
26. John Wacamah $2,166 25
27. William McCracken $1,699 20
28. Brian Burney $1,699 15
29. John Moore $1,699 10
30. Christopher Shrum $1,699 5
31. Sean Peterson $1,571 0
32. Paul Utry $1,571 0
33. Josh Sorenson $1,571 0
34. Val Bleitag $1,571 0
35. Micheal Rossi $1,571 0
36. Daniel Lowery $1,317 0
37. David Goodman $1,317 0
38. Adrian Crededio $1,317 0
39. Johnny Coatney $1,317 0
40. Travis Poole $1,317 0
41. Bambi Asher $1,189 0
42. Doyle Loney $1,189 0
43. Don McCarty $1,189 0
44. Sherry Harris $1,189 0

Downstream Casino Resort - Quapaw, OK Recap

Heartland Poker Tour Awards First Prize of 2009

Quapaw, Oklahoma -  A soon-to-be unemployed factory worker from Forth Smith, Arkansas is the latest Heartland Poker Tour champion, winning the first event of 2009 at the new Downstream Casino in Quapaw, OK.  Sean Sananikone, facing a layoff when his factory closes next month, took home the first-place prize money of $127,404; his first-ever cash in a live poker tournament.

“This is so great,” beamed Sananikone, as he held the bundles of cash. “This couldn’t have come at a better time for me and my family.”  Born in Laos, Sananikone and his wife have three children.

In what proved to be a record-breaking day in many respects, Sananikone prevailed in what became a marathon poker tournament with the final hand concluding about the same time the sun was rising in the Eastern Oklahoma horizon.  Not only was it the longest final table in HPT history, the tournament set another record by seating 457 players in a single-flight main event.

“What an amazing start to our 2009 season,” said HPT Co-Founder Todd Anderson.  “Not only was Downstream a wonderful property for our crew to spend time, but we saw that the people of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas are serious about their poker.  We’d never been to this area so we weren’t sure of the outcome.  Having over 450 players was unbelievable for a first-time venue.”

During filming of what will become the 99th and 100th episodes of Heartland Poker Tour, drama ran high in a showdown that couldn’t have been scripted by Hollywood screenwriters.  After a sell-out main event, the set was lit and the cameras began rolling just passed one AM on Monday.  

The players seated at the final table arrived through luck or skill after a long day of play.  Producers of the nationally-syndicated show couldn’t have scored a more colorful cast of winners.  Although players from across the United States filled Downstream before 9 AM Sunday, by midnight the field was reduced to six players from the four-state area.  

The first player to leave the final table was crowd-favorite George Miller, 61, of Galena, Kansas.  Living just two miles from the casino, Miller is a regular fixture in the Downstream Poker Room.  After two hours of final table play, he went all in with Ace-9 against Ace-Jack.  Walking away with $21,234, Miller considered the best reward to be the opportunity to play on TV.  His wife, Barbara, was by his side until the end to share the joy of fulfilling his poker aspirations.

Danny Haley, 55, Skiatook, OK, was a true Oklahoma success story.  The crowd sympathized with the man under the black cowboy hat as he came to the end of the trail with Ace-7 against Ace-Jack.  However, the professional horse-trader saw a healthy return on investment considering he turned an $80 Super Satellite seat into a $25,481 fifth-place finish.   

Also seeing a healthy ROI was fourth-place finisher and father of three, Chad Long, Sapulpa, OK.  Winning his way up through a $175 Qualifier, the 33-year-old Chief of Police got robbed of all his chips when his king-jack didn’t hit against his opponents ace-ten.  Securing his biggest prize to date, Long pocketed $29,728.

With a handful of poker buddies cheering him on from the rail, chip leader Matt Newcombe, 28, Ada, Oklahoma, eventually went out in third place.  A professional player, Newcombe walked away with $38,221.

Pushing into the early morning hours, second-place finisher Jim Jennings found the Heartland Poker Tour event to have an unexpected significance.   Jennings, a Vietnam Veteran, was pleased to learn a portion of the prize pool benefits non-profit organization Disabled American Veterans.  In a press conference earlier in the week, Heartland Poker Tour officials unveiled “Heartland’s Heroes”, a commitment to raising funds at every HPT tournament in 2009 for America’s disabled veterans.  For Jennings, winning $63,702 and helping a cause near to his heart was well-worth playing poker until six AM.


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