Red Rock Casino Resort-Las Vegas, NV

Red Rock Casino Resort Spa
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 10-16, 2011
558 Players in the Main Event
Congratulations To Rob Perelman for taking home the
HPT Championship Jacket and $158,755!

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Red Rock Casino Resort-Las Vegas, NV Top 6

First Place

Rob Perelman
Las Vegas, NV

Second Place

Laszlo Gaspar
Las Vegas, NV

Third Place

JJ Liu
Las Vegas, NV

Fourth Place

Heath Herring
Las Vegas, NV

Fifth Place

Dick Heidman
Amarillo, TX

Sixth Place

Bob Jarman
Las Vegas, NV


Red Rock Casino Resort-Las Vegas, NV Top 56 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Rob Perelman $158,755 1,000
2. Laszlo Gaspar $79,059 750
3. JJ Liu $47,786 600
4. Heath Herring $37,167 450
5. Dick Heidman $31,857 400
6. Bob Jarman $26,548 350
7. Kevin Matter $16,300 300
8. Nando Lauria $13,805 250
9. Thomas Kougias $9,716 200
10. Cynthia Albert $7,964 150
11. Randy Eklund $7,168 100
12. Amanda Baker $6,159 95
13. Thomas Lawler $5,363 90
14. Norman Barao $4,619 85
15. Todd Breyfogle $4,035 80
16. Lonnie Alexander $3,610 75
17. David Granik $3,451 70
18. Joseph Tehan $3,239 65
19. Patrick Poirier $2,973 60
20. Stephen Taylor $2,655 55
21. Allan Swartz $2,336 50
22. Mike Lovelace $2,336 45
23. Tommy Tran $2,336 40
24. Raymond Wu $2,336 35
25. Yehuda Yerushalaim $2,336 30
26. Nick Marchiando $2,071 25
27. Ryan Skluzak $2,071 20
28. Micheal Maher $2,071 15
29. Yi Chang $2,071 10
30. Barry Brown $2,071 5
31. Ted Bachman $1,752 0
32. Jeffrey Sluzinski $1,752 0
33. Blake Kelso $1,752 0
34. Larry Barbetta $1,752 0
35. Brian Lamanna $1,752 0
36. Brad LaPayne $1,487 0
37. Darvin Moon $1,487 0
38. Yangpeng Li $1,487 0
39. Bill Dowell $1,487 0
40. Tom Kruger $1,487 0
41. Benjamin Ashen $1,380 0
42. Terry Fleischer $1,380 0
43. Rachel Buzolich $1,380 0
44. Gary Campbell $1,380 0
45. Ginger Rossiter $1,380 0
46. Joker Dates $1,380 0
47. John Collins $1,380 0
48. Shea D'amico $1,380 0
49. Mario Hudson $1,380 0
50. Christopher Fisher $1,380 0
51. Daniel Lacourse $1,115 0
52. Yousri Ali $1,115 0
53. Laljibhai Patel $1,115 0
54. Linda Anderson $1,115 0
55. Gregory Roland $1,115 0
56. Fred Samelian $1,115 0

Red Rock Casino Resort-Las Vegas, NV Recap

Vegas “veeRob” takes HPT Championship


Las Vegas, NV – HPT’s season launch at Red Rock Casino Resort Spa drew a diverse field of recognizable Vegas pros and HPT regulars from the Midwest, but the event belonged to local poker insider Rob “veeRob” Perelman.  The 32-year-old poker consultant invested just $250, winning his way into the main event through a qualifier event.  Perelman, well-known in Vegas poker circles from his behind-the-scenes work on top poker shows, scored $158,755 after two hands heads up.


Although he has a solid resume from work on shows like “Poker After Dark” and “High Stakes Poker”, Perelman has never worked for the nationally-syndicated Heartland Poker Tour.  Just weeks ago, he reached out to HPT producers to discuss working on the Red Rock event.  When HPT executives passed due to time constraints, Perelman found himself on the show rather than behind the scenes.

HPT’s first tournament of 2011 wrapped up when Perelman’s ace-jack held up with an ace on the flop against mechanic Laszlo Gaspar’s queen-four.  Playing his first major tournament, Gaspar fought exhaustion when the cards first hit the felt at the televised final table late Sunday night.  At four the next morning, he was wide awake and $79,059 richer.


Among the poker A-listers who played the main event, Annie Duke, Scotty Nguyen, Jennifer Harman, Linda Johnson and Tiffany Michelle failed to make day two.  Darvin Moon, 2009’s WSOP Main Event runner up, finished 37th for $1487.  The fan favorite raffled half of his action in the main event to benefit the nonprofit organization Poker Gives.


The most recognizable face at the final table was J.J. Liu, the highest-placing female in any World Poker Tour championship event with over $2 million in winnings.  Known for her elaborate wardrobe, Liu wore an embellished sweater and eye-catching hat to the televised final table, finishing third for $47,786.


Mixed Martial Arts fans will recognize Heath “Crazy Horse” Herring when the HPT episodes produced at Red Rock air this spring.  An accomplished heavyweight fighter, Herring’s resume includes high-profile match-ups for UFC and in Japan.  Now focusing on acting, Herring has seven movies under his belt.  It was acting that cost him the battle at the final table.  A bluff against Perelman ended his run with $37,167 in fourth place.  


Also prepared for battle, retired army Green Beret Bob Jarman of Las Vegas splits his time between playing poker and teaching combat skills, sometimes combining the two.  “The skills needed to be a warrior also apply to poker,” said the father of three who offers instruction on reading poker tells.  His skill got him to sixth place in his first HPT event for $26,548.


Another HPT newbie was newly-retired Dick Heidman.  The Akron, Ohio man relocated to Vegas five months ago to spend his retirement playing poker after his business interests devalued.  “Business wasn’t good,” said Heidman, “If I’m going to lose money, I’m going to enjoy doing it.”  Rather than losing money in his first major tournament, Heidman made a $31,857 deposit to his nest egg.  Reflecting on all the top pros in the field, Heidman appreciated the opportunity to improve his game.  “I’m in the learning process,” said the fifth-place finisher, “I’ll take what I learned to the next tournament.” 


Heidman won’t have to go far to get to HPT’s next event.  The nationally-syndicated poker show will return to Las Vegas next month for a star-filled charity event co-hosted by Phil Hellmuth and Adrian Peterson.  The Golden Nugget event will benefit Starkey Hearing Foundation and promises to attract NFL athletes, A-list pros, and Hollywood celebrities.