Shooting Star Casino-Mahnomen, MN

Shooting Star Casino
Mahnomen, Minnesota
March 13-20, 2011
Total Prize Pool: $161,088
170 Players in the Main Event

Congratulations to Jeremy Dresch for taking home the
 HPT Championship Jacket and $47,429!

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Shooting Star Casino-Mahnomen, MN Quick Summary

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Shooting Star Casino-Mahnomen, MN Top 6

First Place

Jeremy Dresch
Fridley, MN

Second Place

Heidi Roggenkamp
Glenwood, MN

Third Place

Daniel Sun
Cedar Rapids, IA

Fourth Place

Anthony Moses
St. Anthony, MN

Fifth Place

Matthew Alexander
Robbinsdale, MN

Sixth Place

Sam Wagner
Moorhead, MN


Shooting Star Casino-Mahnomen, MN Top 30 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Jeremy Dresch $47,429 1,000
2. Heidi Roggenkamp $23,713 750
3. Daniel Sun $14,228 600
4. Anthony Moses $11,066 450
5. Matthew Alexander $9,485 400
6. Sam Wagner $7,904 350
7. Dan Zogman $5,533 300
8. Albert Kant, Jr. $4,743 250
9. Matthew Mason $3,952 200
10. Thane Fliginger $3,162 150
11. Derrek Lietz $2,687 100
12. Leroy Turner $2,371 95
13. Samuel Johnson $2,055 90
14. Howard Dion $1,739 85
15. Joseph Melby $1,581 80
16. Jason Brustuen $1,344 75
17. Todd Becker $1,344 70
18. Ray Bendijo $1,344 65
19. Chris Pierce $1,344 60
20. Richard Auld $1,344 55
21. Adam Thompson $1,075 50
22. Kuprian Frolov $1,075 45
23. Les Haagenson $1,075 40
24. Matthew Hamilton $1,075 35
25. Shatara Roehrich $1,075 30
26. Brian Aune $869 25
27. Ryan Thorson $869 20
28. Jim Hegarty $869 15
29. Elizabeth Wentz $869 10
30. Marcia Paulson $869 5

Shooting Star Casino-Mahnomen, MN Recap

Dresch Does It Again

Minnesota Man Becomes HPT’s First Three-Time Champ


Mahnomen, MN (March 20, 2011)- Sunday’s final table at Shooting Star Casino Hotel & Event Center will look like a rerun when the latest episode of Heartland Poker Tour airs.  Four of the six players won big previously on the nationally-televised poker show, but no one has accomplished more than Jeremy Dresch.  The 36-year-old gas station owner from Fridley, Minnesota made headlines when he became the first player to win two HPT championships, scoring the wins back-to-back.  Cashing multiple times on HPT, Dresch secured 2009’s coveted Player of the Year award.  Dresch entered unchartered territory again Sunday, winning another $47,429 as HPT’s first three-time champion.


Runner up Heidi Roggenkamp has played with Dresch at other tournaments, although she is new to HPT.  “Heidi brings a smile to my face,” said the champ, “She is fun and unpredictable.”   The Glenwood, Minnesota woman nearly gave up going into the second day of the two-day main event.  Dangerously low on chips, the 37-year-old office manager and mother of two said, “I didn’t think I’d be around much longer.”  Instead, Roggenkamp doubled up in chips twice early on, eventually joining the final table as the chip leader.  Her rally to second-place earned her $23,713.


Jaymz Larson, HPT’s on-air floor director, called the taping, “the all-star show.”  Dresch made the trip to Shooting Star with a couple of poker buddies who also made repeat appearances at Sunday’s final table.  Matt Alexander won HPT’s Shooting Star event one year ago, and his cousin, Tony Moses, finished third at HPT’s Iowa stop in November.  “Sitting at the final table with these two is incredible…almost inconceivable,” said Dresch. “If one of them takes me out,” he said before the action started, “he’ll have bragging rights forever.”


Dan Sun of Cedar Rapids, Iowa made sure that didn’t happen, knocking out both cousins.  A full house on the river against a flush took out Alexander in fifth place for $9,485.  A straight draw on the river took out Moses in fourth for $11,066.  Sun is no stranger to HPT’s TV table either.  The computer programmer is fresh from a fourth-place finish at HPT’s last stop in Oklahoma just three weeks ago.  Finishing third Sunday for $14,228, he said, “I’m working my way up I guess.”


Repeat offender Dan Zogman just missed another opportunity to play on TV.  The Illinois man finished seventh, adding another $5,533 to his six previous cashes.  He and his wife, Mary Jo Belcore-Zogman, have amassed just under $400,000, and four TV tables, playing HPT events across the U.S.  With seven cashes of her own, Belcore-Zogman was 2008’s Player of the Year.


Sam Wagner, 43, of Moorhead, Minnesota was not intimidated to sit down with the HPT heavyweights while playing his first main event.  The 43-year-old salesman said, “There’s a lot of experience there, but we all know how to play poker.”  Wagner had magic on his side with some lucky sprinkle dust from his nine-year-old daughter.  “It seemed to be working,” he said.  The magic ended when Wagner’s flopped pair ran into Sun’s flush, sending him home with $7,904 in sixth place.


HPT will roll next into Tama, Iowa for a televised event at Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel March 27 to April 3rd.  The Iowa and Minnesota stops have a combined history of establishing the tour’s Player of the Year.  Dresch made his back-to-back run at the two casinos in 2009.  A year later, 2010’s POY Brian Reisner was the runner up in Minnesota, then won the championship in Iowa a week later.  “I’ll see you in Iowa,” said Dresch.