Chicagoland - Ameristar East Chicago - $1650

Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago
East Chicago, IN
August 24 - September 5, 2017
Total Prize Pool: $744,480
Total Entrants: 517
Congratulations to Gary Herstein for winning $170,404
and the HPT champion's bracelet!

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Chicagoland - Ameristar East Chicago - $1650 Quick Summary

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Chicagoland - Ameristar East Chicago - $1650 Top 6

First Place

Gary Herstein
Chicago, IL

Second Place

Darrell Haywood
Chicago, IL

Third Place

James Calvo
Naperville, IL

Fourth Place

Bryan Skreens
Winfield, IL

Fifth Place

Edward Veitch
Larsen, WI

Sixth Place

Boulos Estafanous
Darian, IL


Chicagoland - Ameristar East Chicago - $1650 Top 54 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Gary Herstein $170,404 0
2. Darrell Haywood $104,168 0
3. James Calvo $69,050 0
4. Bryan Skreens $48,009 0
5. Edward Veitch $25,933 0
6. Boulos Estafanous $27,783 0
7. Scott Sisler $22,597 0
8. Ryan Olisar $18,522 0
9. Bryan Kerr $14,818 0
10. Patrick Ray $12,002 0
11. Charles Workman $12,002 0
12. Adam Farber $12,002 0
13. Ron Kruk $8,965 0
14. Leo Boothe $8,965 0
15. Kevin Saul $8,965 0
16. Brian Batt $6,890 0
17. Ryan Leng $6,890 0
18. Craig Casino $6,890 0
19. James Nelson $5,260 0
20. Zbigniew Grad $5,260 0
21. Michael Poloz $5,260 0
22. Brandon Schweitzer $5,260 0
23. Ryan Gregor $5,260 0
24. Michael Parisi $5,260 0
25. William Walters $5,260 0
26. Bob Chow $5,260 0
27. Bradley Jansen $5,260 0
28. Nicholas Davidson $4,297 0
29. Karl Quinn $4,297 0
30. George Pappas $4,297 0
31. Michael Chesney $4,297 0
32. Bradley Coultas $4,297 0
33. Edward Ochana $4,297 0
34. David Gutfreund $4,297 0
35. Michael Christofore $4,297 0
36. Fadi Hamad $4,297 0
37. Tony Pena $3,482 0
38. Bekr Ali $3,482 0
39. Michael Sabbia $3,482 0
40. Miguel Acevedo $3,482 0
41. Jian Zhang $3,482 0
42. Andrzej Rogowoski $3,482 0
43. Keith King $3,482 0
44. Cliff Waite $3,482 0
45. Elwood Whitney $3,482 0
46. Gary Farhat $3,186 0
47. David Kaleel $3,186 0
48. Sorin Marinca $3,186 0
49. Kyle Pikorz $3,186 0
50. Jason Sandoval $3,186 0
51. George Dietz $3,186 0
52. Emmett Horaney $3,186 0
53. Brad Sailor $3,186 0
54. Christopher McQuiston $3,186 0

Chicagoland - Ameristar East Chicago - $1650 Recap

Local Man Wins $170k on HPT in Chicagoland

Gary Herstein tops field of 517 at Ameristar East Chicago

East Chicago, Ind. (Sept. 6, 2017) – Day trader Gary Herstein has cashed more than 100 times over the course of his poker career, dating back to 2008. It wasn’t until Monday’s Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) final table that he achieved his big breakthrough win. The Chicago native outlasted a field of 517 entries in the Main Event at Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago to win $170,404 and the bracelet.

This was Herstein’s second appearance at a Chicagoland HPT final table in as many tries. He finished sixth in May for a $28,269 score.

“It’s unbelievable,” said the new champ after the tournament. “I had a read; and I had some help. All these guys back here,” he said as he turned to his large group of supporters on the rail.

The last man standing between Herstein and the title was Chicago business owner Darrell Haywood. Though inexperienced in tournament play, Haywood is a staple in the local cash games. At one point he looked poised and ready to win the tournament. After a lengthy heads-up match, the tide turned and Herstein took the lead before eventually making a stellar call on the final hand to win the last of Haywood’s chips.

Facing an all-in bet from Haywood on a flop with a ten and two sevens, Herstein went into the tank for several minutes before calling with ace-king. His ace high was ahead of Haywood’s jack-nine. Herstein paired his ace on the turn leaving an eight as Haywood’s only out. The river brought a jack and the tournament was over. Haywood collected $104,168 for second place, a fantastic addition to his career tournament earnings total of $2,822.

“It was a tremendous experience,” said Haywood. “My first tournament to play at this level. I’m just happy. I wish I could have come in first, but there’s always next time.”

This was HPT’s tenth visit to Ameristar East Chicago. More than $9 million in prize pool money has been awarded to players during these stops. The opening event of the series was a $350 Monster Stack tournament that drew 1,180 players.

Herstein and Haywood stole the show at the final table Monday, but there were seven other participants who deserve recognition. Naperville, Illinois attorney James Calvo started the day with the smallest stack at the table, played it to a third-place finish to collect $69,050. Calvo plans to spend a portion of the winnings to take his girlfriend Suzie to Maui.

Bryan Skreens, a business owner from Winfield, Illinois, was fresh off of a $30k tournament win a few weeks ago. Skreens rode his wave of good luck finishing fourth place for a $48,009 payday.

Painting contractor Edward Veith quietly played his way to a solid finish. The Larsen, Wisconsin resident avoided the big pots and in doing so, laddered his way up before being eliminated by Calvo in fifth place. Veith earned $35,933 for his weekend’s worth of work.

Boulos Estafanous is no stranger to the HPT. The beauty salon owner has five previous Main Event cashes, though this was his first time playing under the lights of a final table. Estafanous fared well, considering that he lost more than half of his stack on the first hand of the day. Estafanous, from nearby Darien, Illinois, grinded his way to a sixth-place finish and took home $27,783.

Scott Sisler, Ryan Olisar, and Bryan Kerr were Monday’s seventh, eighth and ninth-place finishers, respectively. Sisler, a mortgage broker from Novi, Michigan, collected $22,597 after a two-outer on the river sent him to the rail. Olisar lost a six million chip pot that ended his day, earning $18,522 for his efforts. Kerr was the first player of the day to be eliminated. He pushed his remaining chips into the middle with jack-seven and failed to outdraw Sisler’s ace-king. Kerr’s ninth-place finish earned him $14,818.

Next up for HPT is a trip to Black Hawk, Colorado. That event kicks off this week and runs through Sept. 18. For more details, as well as a look at the full schedule for the remainder of 2018, visit