Indiana-Belterra Casino Resort

Belterra Casino Resort
Florence, Indiana
October 25-November 4, 2013
Total Prize Pool: $347,655
Congratulations to Adam Friedman for winning $83,439
and the HPT Championship Package!

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Indiana-Belterra Casino Resort Quick Summary

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Indiana-Belterra Casino Resort Top 9

First Place

Adam Friedman
Gahanna, OH

Second Place

Jason Andrews
Pittsburgh, PA

Third Place

Steve Russell
Coolville, OH

Fourth Place

Adam Bacon
Bryan, OH

Fifth Place

John Michalak
Cleveland, OH

Sixth Place

Keven Stammen
Coldwater, OH

Seventh Place

Kenneth Zuspan
Langsville, OH

Eighth Place

Iverson Snuffer
Charleston, WV

Ninth Place

Craig Casino
Winfield, IL


Indiana-Belterra Casino Resort Top 27 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Adam Friedman $83,439 50
2. Jason Andrews $51,453 45
3. Steve Russell $34,766 40
4. Adam Bacon $24,684 38
5. John Michalak $19,121 36
6. Keven Stammen $15,644 28
7. Kenneth Zuspan $13,037 26
8. Iverson Snuffer $10,951 24
9. Craig Casino $9,039 22
10. Thomas Blake $7,127 20
11. Chris Hochscheid $7,127 15
12. Nick Blackburn $7,127 14
13. Clark Coble $5,562 13
14. Greg McCarny $5,562 12
15. Trevor Renner $5,562 11
16. Aaron Wallace $4,346 10
17. Al Hencheck $4,346 9
18. Rex Maiden $4,346 8
19. Hobart Adkins $3,824 7
20. Casey Yontz $3,824 6
21. Nathan Wade $3,824 5
22. Cliff Waite $3,824 5
23. Travis Cook $3,824 5
24. Wally Shearer $3,824 5
25. Samuel Morris $3,824 5
26. Valarie Scanion $3,824 5
27. Harold Evans $3,824 5

Indiana-Belterra Casino Resort Recap

Friedman Dominates Experienced HPT Final Table

Florence, IN (November 4, 2013) Adam Friedman of Gahanna, Ohio returned to Belterra Casino Resort over the weekend to improve on his fourteenth-place Heartland Poker Tour finish in March.  A successful pro player, Friedman has accumulated over $1.3 million in winnings and four World Series of Poker Final Tables.  A WSOP bracelet winner, Friedman was one of many accomplished players at Monday’s HPT Final Table at Belterra.  He was the only one with well over a million in chips.


“If I take my time and pick my spots, I have a chance at winning this event,” he said before action began.


Little time was needed as Friedman took down the nine-handed Final Table in record time. The heads-up match was a quick affair as Friedman held 85% of the chips in play. The battle was over in four hands when Friedman moved all-in and was called by Jason Andrews of Pittsburgh, who in turn was all-in. Andrews cards were good for a straight but it was Friedman's flush that won the hand and the championship worth $83,439. The runner-up collected $51,453.


Friedman started to take control when play was three-handed.  He put his opponents to the test with multiple all-in raises. Steve Russell of Coolville, Ohio called one of those all-in shoves putting his tournament life at risk. His ace-king was unable to improve against Friedman's pocket nines eliminating him in third place for $34,766.


John Michalak also returned to HPT’s Final Table at Belterra after finishing fourth earlier this year. The concert promoter from Cleveland said, “I’m not nearly as nervous and I got a lot more sleep.”  He fell short of improving on his previous finish with a fifth-place elimination Monday. It was once again Friedman who did the deed, this time getting his opponent all-in with three outs and holding until the end. Michalak adds another $19,121 to three previous HPT cashes, all eleventh place or better. 


Adam Bacon also has previous experience under HPT’s lights. In fourth place, he managed to improve on his fifth-place finish earlier this year at Soaring Eagle Casino Resort. Friedman took him down Monday when he moved all-in with a flush draw. Friedman called with a pair of queens and was able to avoid all of Bacon's outs.  Bacon picked up $24,684 for his short trip from Bryan, Ohio.  “What I like about HPT is traveling and going to different casinos and meeting new people,” he said.


The other four eliminations came quickly in the first thirty hands. Kevin Stammen moved all-in with a flush draw and was called by Adam Friedman who held pocket aces. Stammen picked up outs to a straight on the turn but the river only paired the board. The professional poker player from Coldwater, Ohio collected $15,644 for his sixth-place finish.


The seventh-place elimination was a classic race as Kenneth Zuspan moved all-in and was called by Steve Russell. Zuspan's ace-six was unable to improve against Russell's pocket fives sending him out to collect $13,037. The business owner from Langsville, Ohio plans to use his winnings to give his kids a great Christmas.


Iverson “Cotton” Snuffer started the Final Table as one of the shorter stacks, which was the spot he was in from the money bubble to his elimination. His final hand played out when he moved all-in with ace-five. He was called by Jason Andrews who held pocket sevens. Snuffer was unable to catch one of his outs eliminating him in eighth place for $10,951.


An eighth-place finish or better would have meant Craig Casino of Winfield, Illinois would take over the top spot as HPT’s all-time money leader.  He was unfortunately eliminated in ninth place after doubling Kevin Stammen in one of the first hands of the Final Table. His final hand had him all-in with queen-nine against Steve Russell's pocket fours. Casino was unable to catch a card making him the first elimination of the day for $9,039.  Although he didn’t become the money leader, he takes sole possession of another record: the most cashes in HPT history. He earned the honor with eleven cashes on HPT.


With four more stops in 2013, Casino still has his eye on the top spot.  “I don’t play to cash,” he has been known to say, “I play to win.” For information about upcoming events, visit


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