Colorado-Golden Gates Casino

Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour
Black Hawk, Colorado
February 2 - March 11, 2013
Total Prize Pool: $1,006,500
Congratulations to Teresa Hemingway for
winning $226,463! 

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Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Quick Summary

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Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Top 9

First Place

Teresa Hemingway
Auora, CO

Second Place

Jeffrey Yarchever
Laguna Beach, CA

Third Place

Robert Moore
Littleton, CO

Fourth Place

Robert Sweeney
Denver, CO

Fifth Place

Ryan Odonnell
Steam Boat Springs, CO

Sixth Place

Danny Gonzales
Denver, CO

Seventh Place

Christopher Valdez
Littleton, CO

Eighth Place

Gary Germann
Gillette, WY

Ninth Place

Travis Northrope
Broomfield, CO


Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Top 63 Finishers

PlacePlayerCashPoints Earned
1. Teresa Hemingway $226,463 50
2. Jeffrey Yarchever $139,904 45
3. Robert Moore $91,692 40
4. Robert Sweeney $63,711 38
5. Ryan Odonnell $46,299 36
6. Danny Gonzales $35,932 28
7. Christopher Valdez $30,195 26
8. Gary Germann $25,163 24
9. Travis Northrope $20,130 22
10. Lukas Volman $15,500 20
11. Patrick Fox $15,500 15
12. Ernest Ruybalid $15,500 14
13. Joesph Purcella $11,575 13
14. Greg Collins $11,575 12
15. Chris Feiner $11,575 11
16. Michael Otoole $8,857 10
17. Darren Hicks $8,857 9
18. William Prieto $8,857 8
19. Ryan Carter $6,643 7
20. John Beauprez $6,643 6
21. Helmut Roy $6,643 5
22. James Gasard $6,643 5
23. Jason Gole $6,643 5
24. James Richards $6,643 5
25. Brett Schwertley $6,643 5
26. Robert Gottfried $6,643 5
27. Andrew Peragallo $6,643 5
28. Craig Casino $5,563 5
29. Pavel Pakhomkin $5,563 5
30. William Overhieser $5,536 5
31. Kurt Criter $5,536 5
32. Martin Pham $5,536 5
33. Noel Edwards $5,536 5
34. Craig Varnell $5,536 5
35. Johnny Vasquez $5,536 5
36. Jeff Wertepny $5,536 5
37. Osama Aweida $4,630 5
38. Jassim Al-Ansari $4,630 5
39. Christopher Conrad $4,630 5
40. Richard Lehman $4,630 5
41. William Pogue $4,630 5
42. Roger Martin $4,630 5
43. Rex Robinson $4,630 5
44. Charmaine Lindsay $4,630 5
45. Krzysztof Stybaniewicz $4,630 5
46. Gil George $3,925 5
47. Timothy Dumboski $3,925 5
48. William Morris $3,925 5
49. Randolph Langosa $3,925 5
50. Matthew Bosick $3,925 5
51. James Calderaro $3,925 5
52. Anthony Bublitz $3,925 5
53. John Rice $3,925 5
54. Erasmus Monfe $3,925 5
55. James Lenaghan $3,623 5
56. Robert Altman $3,623 5
57. Jennifer Printz $3,623 5
58. Michael Bublitz $3,623 5
59. Jeffrey Nesbit $3,623 5
60. Karen Novotny $3,623 5
61. William Beckett $3,623 5
62. Stan Jablonski $3,623 5
63. Francesco Campanile $3,623 5

Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Recap

Mother Nature Sets the Stage for HPT’s 3rd Female Champ

HPT Awards Million-Dollar Prize Pool during Colorado Blizzard

For Immediate Release

Black Hawk, Colorado (March 12, 2013) – The poker room was abuzz last week at Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour during preliminary events for the latest Heartland Poker Tour stop. The chatter was less about the life-changing money at stake and more about the impending winter storm. Over a foot of snow and high winds hit during the Main Event, threatening HPT’s most popular stop. Denver International Airport was shut down and the highways leading to Black Hawk, Colorado were closed. Known for their loyalty, HPT players found a way. For the fourth time in two years, HPT’s following of mostly recreational players built a prize pool worth over one million dollars in Colorado.

Teresa Hemingway, a sales executive from Aurora, Colorado, took one of 671 seats sold in the Main Event. She invested just $360 to get there, winning her way in through a qualifier. Although she’s played a couple of HPT events without success in the past, her third attempt proved to be a charm. Hemingway endured and ultimately prevailed over runner-up Jeffrey Yarchever to become HPT’s third female champion. Her $360 investment turned into $226,463.

“It’s just like you guys say,” Hemingway told HPT’s live host Jaymz Larson, “It’s unreal money and it can happen to anyone.”

Yarchever of Laguna Beach, California, cleared the path for Hemingway. His aces eliminated Wyoming retiree Gary Germann in eighth place before taking out Christopher Valdez of Highlands Ranch, Colorado in seventh. Germann picked up $25,163 for his third HPT cash while Valdez took home $30,195 for his second cash on HPT. Yarchever next plowed down aspiring pro Danny Gonzales of Denver in sixth place for $35,932, his second HPT cash.

“He’s a great competitor,” said Hemingway of her heads up competition, “I could never get a read on him.” In his first HPT event, Yarchever earned $139,904.

Robert Moore of Littleton, Colorado played three prior HPT events but came up empty-handed. He is way ahead now, having invested just $360 in his third-place finish worth $91,692. His prize will go to church, family, and home remodeling. The other Robert at the table will share too. Bob Sweeney of Denver will use part of his $63,711 prize to buy a car for his father.

The event in Black Hawk marks HPT’s thirteenth visit to Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour and total payouts of nearly ten million dollars. Several past champions from Golden Gates were in the field over the weekend including Craig Casino, Matt Mason, Mike Harris, and Steen Ronlov, who all became regulars on the tour.

Since HPT’s last visit to Black Hawk, HPT underwent several upgrades including a newly-designed tournament structure by pro Daniel Negreanu and a new televised Final Table seating nine players. Previously a six-handed table, the new custom-built table allows three more players the chance to play on national TV. One of the new seats went to short stack Ryan Odonnell of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He played his first HPT event, investing just $360 to earn his Main Event entry. Surviving to fifth place for $46,299, Odonnell will pay off student loans with his prize.

HPT’s new nine-handed Final Table meant a marathon shoot for the players, HPT production crew, fans on the rail, and live viewers at Well-known pro Gavin Smith hosted the live broadcast but turned over the microphone to Larson in time to make his flight home. In all, the Final Table lasted eight hours and 147 hands. The footage will be produced into two hour-long episodes to air nationwide in May.

It wasn’t a long night for everyone. The sixth hand of the Final Table resulted in the elimination of Travis Northrope of Broomfield, Colorado in ninth place. The restaurant server played his first-ever HPT event at Golden Gates over the weekend. Earning $20,130 and a spot on national TV, he’ll likely be back for more. With his prize money, he plans to pay off his car and take his girlfriend on vacation. The timing is right for the couple to take a road trip; HPT has upcoming events in Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri over the next few weeks.

“We’re just getting started,” said HPT Executive Producer Fred Bevill, “It will be a long and lucrative road on HPT this year.” For a schedule of events, visit

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All paid players listed at

Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour

Black Hawk, CO

March 11, 2013

Buy-in: $1650

Main Event: 671

Total Prize Pool: $1,006,500

1 Teresa Hemingway

Aurora, CO


2 Jeffrey Yarchever

Laguna Beach, CA


3 Robert Moore

Littleton, CO


4 Robert Sweeney

Denver, CO


5 Ryan Odonnell

Steamboat Springs, CO


6 Danny Gonzalez

Denver, CO


7 Christopher Valdez

Highlands Ranch, CO


8 Gary Germann Gillette, WY $25,163

9 Travis Northrope Broomfield, CO $20,130

By the Numbers: HPT at Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour

Since 2007, Golden Gates has hosted HPT 13 times, awarding $9,678,840 at the property to date

Date Prize Pool # Players Main Event

10/14/07 $463,500 280

4/13/08 $602,700 402

10/5/08 $582,600 386

4/5/09 $640,800 426

7/19/09 $581,250 389

10/4/09 $482,550 322

4/18/10 $629,850 419

9/19/10 $606,300 402

4/10/11 $738,645 491

10/2/11 $1,003,650 668

4/23/12 $1,231,500 820

9/17/12 $1,108,995 739

3/11/13 $1,006,500 671

Top 20 Mile High Poker Open Finishers Since 2007

Craig Casino Winfield, IL $293, 270

Steen Ronlov Westminster, CO $270,905

Mike Harris Newcastle, WY $245,073

Teresa Hemingway Aurora, CO $226,463

Spencer Uniss Boulder, CO $221,594

Kyle Simpson Morrison, CO $191,340

Matt Mason Littleton, CO $188,955

Mark Dunbar Champlin, MN $182,100

Mike Thulson Centennial, CO $180,810

John Sacha Denver, CO $174,375

Andreas Ramadanis Denver, CO $174,780

Michael McCloud Telluride, CO $151,720

Mary Flurkey Golden, CO $146,633

William Givens Denver, CO $144,765

Jeffrey Yarchever Laguna Beach, CA $139,904

Carla Sabini Castle Rock, CO $139,839

Michael Haggard Evergreen, CO $129,780

Keith Love Denver, CO $110, 797

Wes Myers Johnstown, CO $98,274

Nick Macaluso Lakewood, CO $95,670

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