California - Commerce Casino Los Angeles

The Commerce Casino
Commerce, CA
May 1-19, 2014
Total Prize Pool: $846,800
Congratulations to Jeff Madsen for winning $160,060
and the HPT Championship Package!

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California - Commerce Casino Los Angeles Quick Summary

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California - Commerce Casino Los Angeles Top 9

First Place

Jeff Madsen
Santa Monica, CA

Second Place

Alex Greenblatt
Atherton, CA

Third Place

Amit Makhija
Atherton, CA

Fourth Place

Doug Lee
Calgary, AB

Fifth Place

Luther Quach
Arcadia, CA

Sixth Place

Brett Murray
Santa Rosa, CA

Seventh Place

Jasmin Oh
Los Angeles, NA

Eighth Place

Wes Nally
Los Angeles, CA

Ninth Place

Steve Ayoub
Santa Monica, CA


California - Commerce Casino Los Angeles Top 72 Finishers

1. Jeff Madsen $157,060
2. Alex Greenblatt $112,200
3. Amit Makhija $72,159
4. Doug Lee $53,430
5. Luther Quach $40,050
6. Brett Murray $32,090
7. Jasmin Oh $26,760
8. Wes Nally $21,340
9. Steve Ayoub $16,000
10. Exequiel Ramirez $11,770
11. Dana Muse $11,770
12. Chris Tolone $10,670
13. Matthew Elsby $10,670
14. Eli Cotham $9,570
15. Phuoc Nguyen $9,570
16. Nipon Java $8,210
17. David Randall $8,210
18. Ablahad Salin $8,210
19. Jamie Shavel $7,200
20. Michael Prior $7,200
21. Eddy Sabat $7,200
22. Tom Braband $6,440
23. Shahin Edalatdju $6,440
24. Danny Illingworth $6,440
25. Khoa Huynh $5,670
26. Mahmoud Ghayoumipour $5,670
27. Eugene Tito $5,670
28. Stefani Warren $4,910
29. Nick Phoenix $4,910
30. Michael Kaishar $4,910
31. Nika Futterman $4,910
32. Julie Le $4,910
33. Michael Gold $4,910
34. Dana Kellstrom $4,910
35. Rod Fani $4,910
36. Jagdish Vaswani $4,910
37. David Levi $4,230
38. Melanie Weisner $4,230
39. Joe Fernandez $4,230
40. John Cynn $4,230
41. Daniel Geyser $4,230
42. Alan Myerson $4,230
43. Joshua Adkins $4,230
44. Shan Jing $4,230
45. Howard Oleary $4,230
46. Michael Katz $3,640
47. Michael Crabtree $3,640
48. James Dowdy $3,640
49. Prabhu Mogulla $3,640
50. Derrick Mokedi $3,640
51. Gary Lent $3,640
52. Jordan Warkol $3,640
53. Charles Sklar $3,640
54. Gerald Huynh $3,640
55. Haroun Dalajg $3,050
56. Dung Nguyen $3,050
57. Todd Terry $3,050
58. Jesse Yaginuma $3,050
59. Louis Werman $3,050
60. Susie Zhao $3,050
61. Daniel Heimiller $3,050
62. Mike Heshmati $3,050
63. Dane Romer $3,050
64. Jason Leifer $2,630
65. Shavarsh Pirijaniani $2,630
66. Elvis Huynh $2,630
67. Matt Salsberg $2,630
68. Richard Castro $2,630
69. Aghashi Tovmasyan $2,630
70. Gal Tifrach $2,630
71. Di Nguyen $2,630
72. Edgar Garcia $2,630

California - Commerce Casino Los Angeles Recap

Madsen Goes from Short Stack to Champ

$800k Prize Pool at the Commerce Casino


Commerce, CA (May 19, 2014) – Jeff Madsen had high hopes of coming out on top when he took his seat at the Heartland Poker Tour Final Table on Monday. The only problem: everyone else had more chips. As it turns out, the poker gods were on his side and Madsen was able to rally from behind to win the title.  The pro player from Santa Monica, California outlasted the field of 584 entrants at The Commerce Casino on his way to a $160,060 payday.


Madsen made the road to victory look easy.  He started the day with the elimination of Santa Monica’s Steve Ayoub.  The ninth-place finisher met his fate when his pocket queens were outdrawn by Madsen’s ace-king.  Ayoub left with $16,000 while Madsen took the chips all the way to the top.


Madsen wisely went after the biggest stack at the Final Table.  Alberta, Canada’s Doug Lee, with an enviable poker resume of his own, was the chip leader when play began at the Final Table.  After relinquishing the chip lead to Madsen earlier, Lee looked to get it back when he went all-in with pocket kings. Madsen’s ace-ten turned a straight to eliminate him in fourth place. Asked about his $53,430 prize, Lee responded simply, “not too shabby”.


By the time he got down to heads up play with Alex Greenblatt, Madsen had built a chip lead that would prove too much to overcome. It took only fourteen hands for the newest HPT champ to eliminate Greenblatt, sending him to the rail in second place for $112,200. His deep run marks the second time the Atherton, California man finished one position short of an HPT title.  Last September, Greenblatt was the runner-up at HPT’s biggest stop of the year in Black Hawk, Colorado.    


Amit Makhija came to the final day of play at The Commerce as one of the more familiar faces remaining. The Redondo Beach, California resident has had much success in recent years as a professional poker player, winning over $3 million. His first live title remains elusive, however, after Greenblatt knocked him out in third place Monday evening. Makhija collected $72,150 in his first HPT event.  “HPT is fun,” he said. “I’d definitely recommend it to other people.”


Luther Quach of Arcadia, California managed to stay pretty quiet throughout the day and found a way to climb the ladder and earn $40,050 for his fifth-place finish. Quach was in decent shape when he went all-in with ace-king, but Greenblatt prevailed with pocket sevens. 


Jasmin Oh of Los Angeles, California had a strong Day 1 and went into Day 2 as the chip leader.  Although her run ended in seventh place, she had the best ROI of the tournament.  She invested just $240 in a satellite entry and took home $26,760. 


Construction worker and eighth-place finisher Wes Nally was excited to make it as far as he did before running into Madsen’s aces. “I’m having the time of my life,” said the Rio Dell, California native before taking his seat at the nationally-televised Final Table. As for what he will do with his $21,340 in winnings, Nally said, “In all reality, I’ll probably have to ask the wife.”


Brett Murray already had a taste of HPT success.  He won a preliminary event at Thunder Valley Casino Resort earlier this year. Unfortunately, another win wasn’t in the cards. The Santa Rosa, California native was eliminated in sixth place when his queen-nine failed to improve against Greenblatt’s ace-jack. He earned $32,090 for his first trip to the Commerce Casino.  “It’s mind-blowing,” he said, “Incredible.”


HPT will return to the Commerce Casino this fall after summer stops in Michigan and in the Chicago area, among others on the busy fall schedule.  Tour details are available


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