Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Resort

Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour
Black Hawk, Colorado
September 5-14, 2014
Total Prize Pool: $1,008,420
Congratulations to Nadar Wahdan for winning $226,891
and the HPT Championship Package!

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Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Resort Quick Summary

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Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Resort Top 9

First Place

Nader Wahdan
Aurora, CO

Second Place

Chad Leasure
Colorado Springs, CO

Third Place

Phil Mader
Grand Island, NE

Fourth Place

Adam Zimowski
Racine, WI

Fifth Place

Matthew Schierenberg
Lakewood, CO

Sixth Place

Nils Bardsley
Denver, CO

Seventh Place

Colin York
Las Vegas, NV

Eighth Place

John Sacha
Denver, CO

Ninth Place

Edith Mortellaro
Lakewood, CO


Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Resort Top 63 Finishers

1. Nader Wahdan $226,891
2. Chad Leasure $140,170
3. Phil Mader $91,867
4. Adam Zimowski $63,833
5. Matthew Schierenberg $46,387
6. Nils Bardsley $36,001
7. Colin York $30,253
8. John Sacha $25,211
9. Edith Mortellaro $20,168
10. Aaron Frei $15,530
11. Albert Winchester $15,530
12. Michael Ogleby $15,530
13. Phanora Prom $11,597
14. Brian Hartner $11,597
15. Shawn Heidekrueger $11,597
16. Donald Angstead $8,874
17. Wistar Holt $8,874
18. John Tate $8,874
19. Charles Harder $6,656
20. Brian Gallegos $6,656
21. Christopher Tryba $6,656
22. Thunh Phung $6,656
23. Christian Haugo $6,656
24. Bryan Devonshire $6,656
25. Margaret Cathey $6,656
26. Dan Lopez $6,656
27. Danny Gonzales $6,656
28. Evan Ross $5,546
29. Adrian Buckley $5,546
30. Victor Taggart $5,546
31. Matt Kurtz $5,546
32. Sylvian Cole $5,546
33. Andrew Trinkaus $5,546
34. Julian Levy $5,546
35. Doug Milner $5,546
36. Erasmus Morfe $5,546
37. Oscar Malti $4,639
38. Kenneth Kottwitz $4,639
39. Paul Spannuth $4,639
40. Brian Leitch $4,639
41. Carla Sabini $4,639
42. Rich Perego $4,639
43. Richard Ferguson $4,639
44. Triet Nguyen $4,639
45. James Brauer $4,639
46. David Bruen $3,933
47. Noomis Jones $3,933
48. Lacey Adkins $3,933
49. Phillip Bujorian $3,933
50. Nicholas Marchitti $3,933
51. Jami Coleman $3,933
52. Christopher Polzin $3,933
53. Darek Spring $3,933
54. Steen Ronlov $3,933
55. Wesley Arnett $3,630
56. Robert Bartlett $3,630
57. Greg Raymer $3,630
58. Jeff Heiberg $3,630
59. Mark Martin $3,630
60. James Taylor $3,630
61. Jamie Moore $3,630
62. Charles Kistler $3,630
63. Garth Thompson $3,630

Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Resort Recap

HPT Hits Million Dollar Mark Again

Colorado man wins $226k at Golden Gates

Black Hawk, CO (September 15, 2014) –For the seventh consecutive time, Heartland Poker Tour surpassed the $1 million mark with its Main Event prize pool at Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour. In the end, it was deli owner Nader Wahdan who defeated the field of 686 entrants for the massive payday of $226,891.

“I love this place,” said the newest HPT Champion. “I don’t like playing anywhere else.”

Wahdan, of Aurora, Colorado, found a tough opponent in eventual second-place finisher Chad Leasure. After taking most of his chips two hands earlier, the final hand saw Wahdan’s ten-seven outdraw Leasure’s queen-four for the victory.

After starting the day near the bottom of the pack, Leasure strategically played his way to the runner-up finish for a score of $140,170. The Colorado Springs native made his way to Monday’s Final Table on an investment of just $200. Denver’s Nils Bardsley also found his seat among the final nine on a small investment. He spent just $380 on a qualifier entry and managed to parlay that into a payday of $36,001 for his sixth-place finish. The retiree’s pocket nines fell to the ace-king of Phil Mader.

Later on, Mader moved his remaining chips to the middle holding ace-eight and was called by the pocket kings of Leasure. An ace never came and Mader was sent home with $91,867 for a weekend’s worth of work. The farmer from Grand Island, Nebraska enjoyed his time at Golden Gates. “It’s great,” he said. “It’s a really enjoyable place.”

Denver surgeon John Sacha praised the venue as well. “I love it here,” he said. “They’ve got great dealers. Great staff. They always make me feel welcome.” No stranger to the lights and cameras of a Final Table, Sacha came in hoping to repeat his performance from five years ago when he won the Main Event here. The past HPT Champion was never able to get anything going, though. He was knocked out in eighth place for $25,211.

Many big names made their way to Golden Gates for what has become HPT’s largest event of the year. Tour regulars Craig Casino and Stan Jablonski were both eliminated before the money bubble on Sunday. Former world champion and HPT Player of the Year, Greg “Fossilman” Raymer finished in 57th place for $3,630. Raymer also commentated the live stream of the event online Monday afternoon.

Player of the Year hopeful Colin York had a lot riding on the outcome Monday. He needed to finish in the top two to take over the lead in the POY standings. “I’ve been trying quite hard,” the Black Hawk native said of his efforts to become the POY. “To win it would be a major accomplishment for me. I’d be proud to represent Heartland Poker Tour.” Unfortunately, the professional poker player’s pocket aces were unable to hold up against the ace-king of Wahdan and he was sent to the rail in seventh place for $30,253.

This was the second Final Table appearance in a row for Adam Zimowski. The Racine, Wisconsin resident started the day as the chip leader and was able to best his eighth-place finish in last month’s event at East Chicago. In the end, his king-seven was outdrawn by Wahdan’s king-ten. Zimowski exited in fourth place for $63,833.

Lakewood, Colorado’s Matthew Schierenberg has big plans for his fifth-place earnings. The anesthetist says he will spend some of the $46,387 while he is in Vegas later this week celebrating his birthday with his wife.

Edith Mortellaro of Lakewood, Colorado took sixth place at this event back in 2011. She was unable to improve on that finish this time around as she was the first elimination of the day. The ninth-place finish garnered her $20,168. She enjoyed the weekend and plans to return in the future. “HPT does a wonderful job,” she said. “They always have.”

“It’s an awesome tournament,” said the winner, Wahdan. “The structure’s beautiful. I love it.”

Next up for Heartland Poker Tour is a string of three stops in California, all of which are a part of the second annual Gold Rush series. In all, there are 10 stops left on the 2014 schedule. Information for each remaining tour date is available at