Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Resort

Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour
Black Hawk, Colorado
February 7-16, 2014
Total Prize Pool: $1,048,110
Congratulations to Doug Milner for winning $230,582!

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Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Resort Quick Summary

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Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Resort Top 9

First Place

Doug Milner
Salt Lake City, UT

Second Place

Colin York
Las Vegas, NV

Third Place

Ryan White
Leawood, KS

Fourth Place

James Richards
Arvada, CO

Fifth Place

Steven Levy
Larkspur, CA

Sixth Place

Adam Hudson
Highlands Ranch, CO

Seventh Place

Keith Love
Denver, CO

Eighth Place

Daniel Heimiller
Las Vegas, NV

Ninth Place

Max Chrisp
Arvada, CO


Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Resort Top 72 Finishers

1. Doug Milner $230,582
2. Colin York $142,857
3. Ryan White $92,806
4. James Richards $65,507
5. Steven Levy $47,899
6. Adam Hudson $36,684
7. Keith Love $30,710
8. Daniel Heimiller $25,679
9. Max Chrisp $20,962
10. Kris Wagner $16,036
11. Kevin Fuhrmann $16,036
12. Gregory Mayer $16,036
13. Michael Stanko $11,424
14. Steven Wittbecker $11,424
15. Rafay Asrar $11,424
16. Gary Germann $8,595
17. Ganbat Batdorj $8,595
18. Alice Woolworth $8,595
19. Darek Spring $6,603
20. Mitch Higgins $6,603
21. William Black $6,603
22. Candace Collins $6,603
23. Chris Burke $6,603
24. Robert Mather $6,603
25. Bruce MacDonald $6,603
26. Angel Howell $6,603
27. Michael Bonetto $6,603
28. David Richman $5,450
29. Nicholas Marchitti $5,450
30. Brian Menefee $5,450
31. Bobby Garcia $5,450
32. Connie Harlow $5,450
33. Mark Dimberg $5,450
34. Roger Martin $5,450
35. Keith Vincent $5,450
36. Howard Mortimore $5,450
37. Igor Gavrilov $4,507
38. Wallace Ogle $4,507
39. Nolan Sharpe $4,507
40. Scott Ramich $4,507
41. David Rodriguz-Cruz $4,507
42. Dustin Stevenson $4,507
43. Anthony Cross $4,507
44. Daniel O'Brien $4,507
45. Wes Hobson $4,507
46. Terry Bowen $3,983
47. Ramiro Perez $3,983
48. Alexandre Declovet $3,983
49. Lawrence Blazer $3,983
50. Brady Bullord $3,983
51. Nikita Leshchinskiy $3,983
52. Benjamin Keeline $3,983
53. Roger Campbell $3,983
54. Blake Barousse $3,983
55. Douglas Wardrip $3,564
56. Matthew Walter $3,564
57. Alan Hendrickson $3,564
58. Cruz Baca $3,564
59. Jack Kennedy $3,564
60. Matthew Borcher $3,564
61. William Prieto $3,564
62. Thomas Bouziden $3,564
63. Trevor Renner $3,564
64. Rafat Shomali $3,144
65. Louie Mortellaro $3,144
66. Reginald Roberts $3,144
67. Gavin Writer $3,144
68. Anthony Aragon $3,144
69. Larry Lewis $3,144
70. Austin Buchanan $3,144
71. Greg Raymer $3,144
72. Craig Lecompte $3,144

Colorado-Golden Gates Casino Resort Recap

Milner Prevails Over 731 Entrants in Black Hawk


Black Hawk, CO (February 17, 2014)  Doug Milner’s poker accomplishments pale in comparison to many in HPT’s field of 731 at Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour, including world champion Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, Bryan Devonshire, and Dan O’Brien. The 73-year-old from Salt Lake City had just two career cashes totaling $1300.  He last cashed three years ago for $376.  Although he advanced to Day 2 at Golden Gates on Sunday, he had a lackluster stack towards the bottom of the chip counts. He made the best of the chips he had, climbing his way to a seat at HPT’s nationally-televised Final Table.  After a 10-hour battle, Milner came out on top for the $230,582. The retiree plans to use his winnings to play golf.


“$230,000 will change my lifestyle,” said the champ. “I am comfortable retired but not overly retired.”


Runner-up Colin York is having a good year on HPT.  He scored his biggest career cash in 13th place last month at Thunder Valley Casino Resort.  The Las Vegas pro topped that in Black Hawk earning $142,857. 


The 111-hand heads-up battle was one of the longest in HPT history.  Both players got their chips into the middle with York having Milner covered by less than one big blind. York had the lead in the hand with a pair of aces while Milner had a straight draw and a flush draw. The river delivered the straight for Milner.  On the very next hand, York was all-in before the cards were dealt. His ace seven was unable to improve against Milner’s ace-ten.  


York was responsible for many of the eliminations Monday, including third-place finisher Ryan White from Leawood, Kansas. He walked away with $92,806 after his ace-five did not improve against York’s pocket sevens.  Denver’s James “J.R.” Richards was eliminated in fourth place when he moved all-in with jack-eight against York’s queen-eight. Unable to catch a jack, Richards collected $65,507 for his efforts over the weekend. 


When the Heartland Poker Tour episodes filmed in Black Hawk air nationwide, the TV audience will see fireworks when Colin York, Steven Levy, and Adam Hudson get into a pre-flop raising war.  With Hudson and Levy all-in, York caught an ace on the river for the double elimination. Hudson of Denver was eliminated in sixth place for $36,684, while Steven Levy from Larkspur, California got $47,899 for fifth place.


It looked like Love could prevail in the Valentines’ weekend tournament as Keith Love made his third HPT Final Table.  He finished painfully close to a championship twice before.  “I am looking for a win this time,” said Love, who has second- and third-place finishes on HPT.  Love advanced to Monday’s Final Table as the chip leader but quickly fell to the middle of the pack.  Eventually, York caught an ace on the flop to eliminate Love with tens in seventh place for $30,710.


With over $4 million in career winnings, eight wins, and 54 Final Tables, Dan Heimiller went into Monday’s Final Table with a solid plan.  "I will have to gamble it up and get lucky,” he said. Heimiller was able to get lucky once early in the action and again when his ace-queen caught a straight on the turn.  Unfortunately, Colin York got luckier when he caught a full house on the river to eliminate Heimiller in eighth place for $25,679. 


When Max Chrisp played HPT for the first time last year, he was eliminated in the first hand of the tournament with pocket aces.  He was back with a vengeance and advanced all the way to the Final Table, although he was the short stack.  He doubled up early but it wasn’t enough to extend his tourney life. The Arvada, Colorado man collected $20,962 in ninth place.  “I hope to see you guys in the future at another Final Table,” Chrisp said.


His next opportunity is at River City Casino & Hotel in St Louis February 20th to March 3rd, before HPT continues to California, Mississippi, and Florida in March.