Florida - Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room

Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room
Daytona Beach, Florida
October 1-12, 2015
Total Prize Pool: $575,720
Congratulations to Corey Thompson for winning $131,720
and the HPT champion's bracelet!

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Florida - Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room Quick Summary

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Florida - Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room Top 9

First Place

Corey Thompson
Winter Park, FL

Second Place

Steve Karp
Miami, FL

Third Place

Matt Bond
Dallas, TX

Fourth Place

Plamen Stoyanov
St. Petersburg, FL

Fifth Place

Corey Zedo
Denver, CO

Sixth Place

Aditya Prasetyo
Cambridge, MA

Seventh Place

Thomas Giorgi
Valrico, FL

Eighth Place

David Jackson
Jonesboro, GA

Ninth Place

Andrew Dykeman
Jacksonville, FL


Florida - Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room Top 45 Finishers

1. Corey Thompson $131,720
2. Steve Karp $81,326
3. Matt Bond $54,122
4. Plamen Stoyanov $37,513
5. Corey Zedo $28,350
6. Aditya Prasetyo $22,050
7. Thomas Giorgi $18,327
8. David Jackson $15,177
9. Andrew Dykeman $12,829
10. Dalton Mills $9,794
11. Michael Laake $9,794
12. Jared Reinstein $9,794
13. John Oneal $7,388
14. Maurice Hawkins $7,388
15. Ralph Massey $7,388
16. David Farber $5,555
17. Marcel Jimenez $5,555
18. Christopher McNamara $5,555
19. James Oliver $4,582
20. Nicholas Luczyk $4,582
21. Susan Hazelgrove $4,582
22. David Hughes $4,582
23. Michael Anderson $4,582
24. David Prociak $4,582
25. Luis Fernandez $4,582
26. Michael Dolle $4,582
27. Ryan Colton $4,582
28. Javier Sanchez $3,723
29. William Bennett $3,723
30. Wasim Ahmar $3,723
31. Alexis Sterner $3,723
32. Vitor Coelho $3,723
33. Justin Kruger $3,723
34. Brandon Caputo $3,723
35. Christopher Dvornick $3,723
36. Tony Armand $3,723
37. Andrew Brown $3,150
38. Kirk Corson $3,150
39. Michael Masella $3,150
40. Cara Swayze $3,150
41. Matthew Zimmerman $3,150
42. Oscar Lindo-Zeledon $3,150
43. Davis Adams $3,150
44. Justin Zaki $3,150
45. Larry Coleman $3,150

Florida - Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room Recap

Thompson Goes Rail to Rail on HPT for $131k

Florida man tops field at Daytona Beach Kennel Club

Daytona Beach, FL (October 12, 2015) Ė Corey Thompson more than tripled his previous best live tournament cash Monday by winning the Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) Main Event at Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room for $131,720. The poker player from Winter Park came into the day with the chip lead and managed to ride that edge all the way to victory.

Steve Karp was the last man standing in Thompsonís way. The road to the final two was not an easy one for Karp. The entrepreneur from Miami began the day with less than 12 big blinds, but was able to stave off elimination time after time. Alas, his luck ran out on the final hand when his pocket nines were defeated by Thompsonís pocket tens. Karp collected $81,326 for the runner-up finish.

Dallas, Texasís Matt Bond has had an impressive couple of months on HPT. Bond, a pro poker player, has made the televised Final Table at the last three events heís played with the tour. He was able to improve on his previous two finishes Monday when he climbed all the way to the final three before being eliminated by the eventual champ. The third-place finish was good enough for a $54,122 payday for Bond.

Thompson also took out fourth-place finisher Plamen Stoyanov. The software engineer put all of his chips in the middle with ace-ten only to be called by Thompsonís pocket aces. Stoyanov earned $37,513 for his efforts. The St. Petersburg, Florida man plans to use his newfound winnings to play in larger buy-in events.

This was HPTís seventh visit to Daytona Beach since 2011. The field of 389 was larger than any of the previous six stops. The Kennel Clubís parent company, Delaware North, had a 100-year anniversary celebration that coincided with this weekendís nationally-televised Main Event. Some of the festivities are sure to be highlighted when the episodes make it to television.

Poker enthusiasts traveled from all over the country to take part in Floridaís only HPT series. Several referenced the tourís player-friendly structure as their reason for making the trip. Denver, Coloradoís Corey Zedo was one of them. Zedo finished in fifth place for $28,350. He plans to apply a portion of the winnings toward motorcycle upgrades.

Cambridge Massachussettsí Aditya Prasetyo left his tournament life to fate when he went all in with pocket queens and was called by Bondís ace-king. A king on the flop left Prasetyo on the losing end of the proverbial coinflip. He exited in sixth place Ė good enough to earn $22,050.

Thomas Giorgi is no stranger to the bright lights of an HPT Final Table. The Valrico, Florida resident finished third at this event in 2013. The title remains elusive as Giorgi would end up in seventh this time around for an $18,327 score.

Shortly before Giorgi hit the rail, David Jackson made his departure in eighth place. Jackson, from Jacksonville, Florida, made good on his first ever HPT tournament by cashing for $15,177.

The first elimination of the day came when Giorgi hit a three-outter on the river to end Andrew Dykemanís day prematurely. Dykeman would walk away with $12,829 as the ninth-place finisher.

From here, HPT will load up its cameras and head to Vicksburg, Mississippi for the next event. Only three stops remain on the 2015 schedule. For details on dates and locations for each of those stops, visit HPTpoker.com.