Michigan - Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
Mt. Pleasant, MI
July 24 - August 3, 2015
Total Prize Pool: $724,200
Congratulations to Josh Marvin for winning $166,565
and the HPT Championship Package!

Michigan - Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Quick Summary

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Michigan - Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Top 9

First Place

Joshua Marvin
Sterling Heights, MI

Second Place

Chris Moon
Detroit, MI

Third Place

John Skrabutenas
Chicago, IL

Fourth Place

Scott Sisler
Novi, MI

Fifth Place

Vinh Ho
Midland, MI

Sixth Place

Rodney Maxey
Coleman, MI

Seventh Place

Alexander Ahmed
St. Clair, MI

Eighth Place

Kyle Gasiorowski
Orion Township, MI

Ninth Place

Patrick Smolinski
Rapid City, MI


Michigan - Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Top 54 Finishers

1. Joshua Marvin $166,565
2. Chris Moon $101,823
3. John Skrabutenas $67,495
4. Scott Sisler $46,928
5. Vinh Ho $35,124
6. Rodney Maxey $27,158
7. Alexander Ahmed $22,088
8. Kyle Gasiorowski $18,105
9. Patrick Smolinski $14,484
10. Michael Parvin $11,732
11. Clinton Hubble $11,732
12. Jacob Wojtuniecki $11,732
13. Peter Vitantonio $8,763
14. Theodore Tober $8,763
15. Frederick Schlosser $8,763
16. Benjamin Hebekeuser $6,735
17. Jonathan Banaszak $6,735
18. David Blickenstaff $6,735
19. Richard Tapper $5,142
20. Bradley Morin $5,142
21. Matthew Goergen $5,142
22. Sai Mudduluru $5,142
23. Martin Pipoly $5,142
24. John Konieczka $5,142
25. James Hettich $5,142
26. Kurtis Smithling $5,142
27. Paul Prentis $5,142
28. Eric Griffin $4,200
29. Michael Myers $4,200
30. James Webb $4,200
31. Bassam Dally $4,200
32. Gjergj Sinishtaj $4,200
33. Jacob Baumgartner $4,200
34. Michael Angerhofer $4,200
35. Brian Kay $4,200
36. Pierre Armster Jr $4,200
37. Thavisak Saycocie $3,404
38. Arthur Millington $3,404
39. Matthew Harris $3,404
40. Jason Les $3,404
41. Bryan Gwin $3,404
42. Michael Parrott $3,404
43. Tiffany Brady $3,404
44. Andrew Holland $3,404
45. Connor Burchwell $3,404
46. Stephen Kempski $3,114
47. Kyle OBryan $3,114
48. Ryan Dykhouse $3,114
49. Robert Brown $3,114
50. Henok Gebrekristos $3,114
51. Barry Brown $3,114
52. Scott Wiltjer $3,114
53. Scott Hodges $3,114
54. Buck Wyckoff $3,114

Michigan - Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Recap

Marvin Earns $166k and Bracelet on HPT

Michigan man tops field of over 500 at Soaring Eagle

Mt. Pleasant, MI (August 3, 2015) –Poker players often dream of competing against their best friend for a major title. Chris Moonand Josh Marvin got to live that dream on Monday. The two outlasted over 500 entries to battle each other in a heads up match for $166,565 and the first ever Heartland Poker Tour bracelet at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort.

HPT viewers are in for a treat when the episodes from Soaring Eagle make it to television. The friends exchanged pots for nearly two hours before the tournament came to an end on one of the most memorable hands in the tour’s history. With all of the chips in the middle, the flop came king-jack-five. Marvin’s king-jack had taken the lead over Moon’s pocket aces, but the five on the turn gave Moon a higher two pair. Alas, the river brought another jack to give Marvin a full house and the HPT title in dramatic fashion.

The victory was the first of the Sterling Heights, Michigan native’s young career. “I had a rough summer in Vegas,” said Marvin. “This will help make up for it… I’m very excited.”

Runner-up Chris Moon will take home $101,823 for his efforts. The tournament poker instructor from Detroit was in great spirits when his day came to an end. “Not bad for a Monday I guess,” he chuckled in his exit interview.

John Skrabutenas, a computer programmer from Chicago, came into the Final Table with $0 in career earnings. In impressive fashion, he was able to add $67,495 to that total by finishing in third place. When Skrabutenas was asked what his plans were for the money, he replied, "We're expecting a baby in three months, so it's nice to have a little extra unplanned money."

Novi, Michigan’s Scott Sisler is starting to make a habit out of fourth-place finishes. The mortgage broker took fourth in an event in Vegas this summer and finished in the exact same spot Monday. Sisler thought he was in good shape when he put his chips in the middle with second pair, but Moon had already made a straight. Sisler was sent to the rail $46,928 richer.

One of the more active players at the HPT Final Table was Vinny Ho. The nail technician began the day with one of the larger stacks. He played pots early and often until his run came to a close at the hands of the eventual champion, Marvin. Ho, from Midland, Michigan, earned $35,124 for his fifth-place finish.

Sixth-place finisher Rodney Maxey managed to play his way to a seat under the lights on an investment of just $190. The commercial roofer from Coleman, Michigan was able to parlay that into a $27,158 payday.

Alexander Ahmed finished in seventh when he tried to make a move and ran into Skrabutenas’s pocket kings. He collected $22,088 for his weekend’s worth of work. The Detroit poker player will invest some of his winnings and use the rest to play more poker.

Small business owner Kyle Gasiorowski has three chidren at home who are excited to see him on TV. “They think daddy’s coming home with millions of dollars,” he said. The Lake Orion, Michigan man was able to play his way to an eighth-place finish for a score of $18,105.

Much like Maxey, Patrick Smolinski found his way to the Final Table through a $180 satellite. “This is like a dream come true,” said the retired art teacher from Rapid City, Michigan. “It’s amazing!” When it was all said and done, Smolinski hit the rail in ninth place to the tune of $14,484.

Next up for HPT is a return visit to Kansas City. That series begins August 14 and culminates with the nationally televised Main Event the following weekend. For details on the rest of the 2015 season, visit HPTpoker.com.