Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour

Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour
Black Hawk, Colorado
February 13-23, 2015
Total Prize Pool: $1,118,670
Congratulations to Jose Montes for winning $240,523
and the HPT Title!

Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Quick Summary

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Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Top 9

First Place

Jose Ivan Montes
Bronx, NY

Second Place

Joe Serock
Albuquerque, NM

Third Place

James Bryan
Colorado Springs, CO

Fourth Place

Alex Yen
Indianapolis, IN

Fifth Place

Jacob Bazeley
Cincinnati, OH

Sixth Place

Kane Lai
Highlands Ranch, CO

Seventh Place

Danny Gonzales
Denver, CO

Eighth Place

Craig Casino
Winfield, IL

Ninth Place

Travis Northrope
Broomfield, CO


Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Top 81 Finishers

1. Jose Ivan Montes $240,523
2. Joe Serock $148,895
3. James Bryan $97,548
4. Alex Yen $67,456
5. Jacob Bazeley $49,221
6. Kane Lai $37,811
7. Danny Gonzales $31,211
8. Craig Casino $26,065
9. Travis Northrope $20,919
10. Zhongmin Wu $15,773
11. Chad Lousberg $15,773
12. Richard Scarbrough $15,773
13. Daryl Roberts $12,194
14. Don Roberts $12,194
15. Zal Irani $12,194
16. Gary Germann $9,061
17. Aaron Massey $9,061
18. Johnnie White $9,061
19. Aaron Bufmack $7,048
20. Bryan Moon $7,048
21. Benjamin Keeline $7,048
22. Jay Robb $7,048
23. Brian Hartner $7,048
24. Zackery Whitney $7,048
25. Jackson White $7,048
26. Pete Rios $7,048
27. Colin Gordon $7,048
28. Nikita Leshchinskiy $5,817
29. Thomas Dean $5,817
30. Anthony Martinez $5,817
31. Connie Harlow $5,817
32. Bruce MacDonald $5,817
33. Matthew Dooper $5,817
34. Stephen Marsh $5,817
35. Behrouz Keshtavar $5,817
36. Caufman Talley III $5,817
37. Chris Maxwell $4,810
38. Nicholas Trimble $4,810
39. Jimmy Frisk $4,810
40. Andrada Hrdlicka $4,810
41. Cody Mullin $4,810
42. Robert Vacante $4,810
43. Travis Dorsey $4,810
44. Michael Ross $4,810
45. Nathan Hedrick $4,810
46. William Failla $4,251
47. Tony Saccomano $4,251
48. Matthew Shtatman $4,251
49. Jake Robl $4,251
50. David Mittleman $4,251
51. William Prieto $4,251
52. Maksim Grenader $4,251
53. Steve Foutty $4,251
54. Brett Murray $4,251
55. Shawn Heidekrueger $3,803
56. Ryan White $3,803
57. Timothy Campbell $3,803
58. Brian Gallegos $3,803
59. Kevin Kerr $3,803
60. Osama Aweida $3,803
61. Patrick Rice $3,803
62. Wayne Lee $3,803
63. Gary Fjeldsted $3,803
64. Benjamin Rose $3,244
65. Nicholas Petitti $3,244
66. Alex Greenblatt $3,244
67. Jacob Battenberg $3,244
68. Michael Hassab $3,244
69. David Bybee $3,244
70. Loren Bimler $3,244
71. Brett Seubert $3,244
72. Sylvain Cote $3,244
73. Richard Seale $3,020
74. Spencer Uniss $3,020
75. Anne Bui $3,020
76. Warren Janney $3,020
77. Mathews Ninan $3,020
78. Joe Perea $3,020
79. Taylor Black $3,020
80. John Ellington $3,020
81. Greg Raymer $3,020

Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Recap

Montes Wins $240k on HPT in Black Hawk
Eighth consecutive million dollar prize pool at Golden Gates

Black Hawk, Co. (February 23, 2015) – Jose Montes topped one of the largest fields in Heartland Poker Tour history on Monday to take home $240,523 and the coveted HPT Title. The poker pro from The Bronx outlasted 761 entrants at Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour on his way to victory. The stop marked the eighth consecutive million dollar prize pool for HPT in Black Hawk.

“It’s overwhelming. I’m blessed,” said the new champ. “This means so much for my family. I’m close to tears.”

HPT fans are in for a treat when the episodes from Golden Gates air on national television. The stacked Final Table featured several recognizable faces, including that of runner-up Joe Serock. The Albuquerque, New Mexico man battled Montes in an epic back-and-forth heads up match for hours before being sent to the rail in second place for $148,895.

James Bryan of Colorado Springs may not have as much experience as some of the competitors he faced this weekend, but he still made the most of the opportunity. The retired army veteran won his seat into the tournament on a $380 investment and managed to parlay that all the way to third place for a score of $97,548.

“It’s really a cool place,” Bryan said of his first trip to Golden Gates. “I’m going to be coming back a lot more.”

The chip leader at the start of the day was Indianapolis native Alex Yen. The poker player fared well early on, but in the end he found his tournament life at risk with a straight draw against Serock’s set of twos. The straight never came and Yen was eliminated in fourth place. He walked away with $67,456 for his efforts.

Cincinnati’s Jacob Bazeley is no stranger to playing in front of the cameras. This was his third appearance at an HPT Final Table. The title still eludes him, however. Bazeley was knocked out in fifth place for $49,221. He plans to apply the winnings toward the purchase of a new condo.

Kane Lai from nearby Highlands Ranch enjoyed his first deep run in a tournament. The physician lost the majority of his stack in a virtual coin flip when his pocket jacks were outdrawn by the ace-queen of Bazeley. He lost the rest of his chips on the next hand. Lai collected $37,811 for the sixth-place finish.

The last time Danny Gonzales found himself playing under the lights at an HPT event was just four months ago when he finished runner-up to current Player of the Year Aaron Massey. Gonzales, of Denver, failed to improve on that result this time around as he was eliminated in seventh place. He earned $31,211.

One of the most well-known players on HPT is Craig Casino. “The Legend”, as he’s known, sits at the top of the all-time money leader list with the tour. Another deep run at Golden Gates put him in a tie with tour veteran Stan Jablonski for most all-time cashes. Unfortunately for Casino, the day was cut short when he ran into Yen’s Broadway straight. The certified arborist from Winfield, Illinois can add $26,065 to his career total for the eighth-place finish.

The first player to be eliminated on Monday was Broomfield, Colorado’s Travis Northrope. The painter and poker player will use a portion of his $20,919 in winnings to go on a much needed vacation.

Next up for HPT is a series in Oklahoma, followed by a trip to Kansas City. Visit for a look at the full schedule of upcoming events.