Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour

Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour
Black Hawk, Colorado
February 12-22, 2016
Total Prize Pool: $1,148,070
Congratulations to Aaron Thomas for winning $246,833
and the HPT champion's bracelet!

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Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Top 9

First Place

Aaron Thomas
Colorado Springs, CO

Second Place

Matthew Livingston
Windsor, CO

Third Place

Richard Monroe
Sedalia, CO

Fourth Place

Al Hart
Centennial, CO

Fifth Place

Joseph Pergola
Boulder, CO

Sixth Place

Danny Gonzales
Denver, CO

Seventh Place

Christopher Busch
Silverthorne, CO

Eighth Place

Michael Comisso
Dublin, OH

Ninth Place

Rex Clinkscales
Las Vegas, NV


Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Top 81 Finishers

1. Aaron Thomas $246,833
2. Matthew Livingston $152,808
3. Richard Monroe $100,112
4. Al Hart $69,229
5. Joseph Pergola $50,515
6. Danny Gonzales $38,805
7. Christopher Busch $32,031
8. Michael Comisso $26,750
9. Rex Clinkscales $21,469
10. Kevin Boudreau $16,188
11. Krzysztof Stybaniewicz $16,188
12. Luke Amrein $16,188
13. James Lushin $12,514
14. Ricardo Eyzaguirre $12,514
15. Greg Koutelidakis $12,514
16. Keven Stammen $9,299
17. Lukas Volman $9,299
18. Kevin Palmer $9,299
19. Scott Dougherty $7,233
20. Gregory Geller $7,233
21. Reginald Roberts $7,233
22. Andrew Benson $7,233
23. Osama Aweida $7,233
24. Benjamin Keeline $7,233
25. Neil Roe $7,233
26. Javier Zarco $7,233
27. Richard Tumulak $7,233
28. Vincent Moscato $5,970
29. Jackson White $5,970
30. Jay Yates $5,970
31. Svetlana Martie $5,970
32. Thomas Bouziden $5,970
33. Mauricio Solano $5,970
34. James Coca $5,970
35. Joey Brown $5,970
36. Elizabeth Pratt $5,970
37. Timothy Feiner $4,937
38. Zackery Whitney $4,937
39. Don Patrick $4,937
40. Craig Lecompte $4,937
41. Colin Gordon $4,937
42. Chris Maxwell $4,937
43. Zulfiqar Ali $4,937
44. Roger Campbell $4,937
45. Jon Armstrong $4,937
46. Joseph Jennerjhan $4,363
47. Miguel Torres $4,363
48. Douglas Hall $4,363
49. Gary Fjeldsted $4,363
50. Tanner Millen $4,363
51. Jamal Sawagdeh $4,363
52. Zhongmin Wu $4,363
53. Mark Dimberg $4,363
54. Robert Medina $4,363
55. Mace Reed $4,363
56. Aaron Massey $3,903
57. Greg Jennings $3,903
58. John Fursanic $3,903
59. Adam Krach $3,903
60. Daniel Trush $3,903
61. Charles Harver $3,903
62. Chris Overgard $3,903
63. Richard Klein $3,903
64. Michael Monetti $3,329
65. Socrates Apergis $3,329
66. John Beauprez $3,329
67. Luke Macken $3,329
68. Brian Hartner $3,329
69. Joshua Damon $3,329
70. Jonathan Gerrick $3,329
71. Ruth Graham $3,329
72. Duke Lee $3,329
73. Matthew McMurray $3,100
74. Tyler Corbett $3,100
75. Frederic Reutker $3,100
76. Chandler Duncan $3,100
77. Jerry Wong $3,100
78. Truong Nguyen $3,100
79. Peter Klein $3,100
80. Allen Kessler $3,100
81. Barry Faecher $3,100

Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Recap

Army Man Collects $246k on HPT

Tenth-Consecutive Million Dollar Prize Pool in Colorado

Black Hawk, CO (February 22, 2016) – US Army Staff Sergeant Aaron Thomas made his first major tournament win a memorable one. The Colorado Springs man took down the Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) Main Event at Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour for $246,833 Monday evening.

“I’ve been grounded for years trying to make this big score,” said Thomas. “I love playing the HPT.”

Thomas had the biggest chip stack at the Final Table when play began and he had a significant lead over eventual runner-up Matt Livingston when the two started heads up play. It didn’t take long before all of the remaining chips were put into the middle and Thomas was crowned champion. Livingston, a poker player from Windsor, Colorado, collected $152,808 for the second-place finish.

In all there were 781 entries in the tournament, making it the second-largest event in the tour’s history. That entry number was good enough to create a prize pool of $1,148,070. This marks the tenth time in a row that the HPT event has surpassed the million-dollar mark in Black Hawk.

Rich Monroe is no stranger to the bright lights of an HPT Final Table. The retiree from Sedalia, Colorado won the Golden Gates event two years ago. This time around he would have to settle for third place as his pocket queens were no match for Thomas’s flopped flush. Monroe collected $100,112 for his efforts.

Computer programmer Al Hart nearly doubled his career earnings at the televised table. The Centennial, Colorado native played a solid game all day, but in the end he too was eliminated by Thomas. The fourth-place finish was good enough to add $69,229 to Hart’s resume.

On a day where Thomas simply could not be stopped, he managed to score a rare double knockout in one hand. One of those players eliminated was Joseph Pergola of Boulder, Colorado. Pergola’s ace-king was unable to overcome the eventual champs pocket queens and he was sent to the rail in fifth place with $50,515.

The second player eliminated in the hand was Danny Gonzales, though he had lost the majority of his chips to Thomas in a hand not long before. In impressive fashion, Gonzales was making his fifth appearance at a televised HPT Final Table. Victory remains elusive for the Denver poker player. The sixth-place finish was good enough for a $38,805 payday for Gonzales.

Chris Busch had played in HPT events before, but had never cashed. Until Monday, that is. The financial advisor from Silverthorne, Colorado walked away $32,031 richer after taking seventh place. Staying true to his profession, Busch plans to invest his winnings.

Pro poker player Mike Comisso was in good shape with one card to come against Gonzales. Alas, an ace on the river put Gonzales’ ace-king ahead for good and Comisso was left with no chips. The Dublin, Ohio man will be able to pad his poker bankroll with the $26,750 he got for eighth place.

The first player to be sent to the rail Monday was Rex Clinkscales. Clinkscales took second place last time HPT visited Golden Gates. The Las Vegas poker player was low on chips and knew he’d have to get lucky early on to make a run at the title. Unfortunately for Clinkscales it wasn’t in the cards as he made his exit on the first hand. He earned $21,469 for ninth place.

Next up for HPT is a trip to Belterra Casino Resort in Southern Indiana. That series begins March 10 and culminates with an $1100 Main Event the following weekend. For more information and to see where else HPT is headed in 2016, visit


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