Florida - Daytona Beach Kennel Club and Poker Room

Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room
Daytona Beach, FL
September 15-26, 2016
Total Prize Pool: $467,860
Total Entrants: 316
Congratulations to Jermaine "Lion" Gerlin for winning $106,732
and the HPT bracelet!

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Florida - Daytona Beach Kennel Club and Poker Room Quick Summary

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Florida - Daytona Beach Kennel Club and Poker Room Top 9

First Place

Jermaine Gerlin
Jacksonville, FL

Second Place

Scott Davies
Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Third Place

Manelic Minaya
Tampa, FL

Fourth Place

Griffin Malatino
Denver, CO

Fifth Place

Eric Fetter
Orlando, FL

Sixth Place

Dan Dalessandro
Orange City, FL

Seventh Place

Thomas Giorgi
Valrico, FL

Eighth Place

Igor Merda
Miami, FL

Ninth Place

Jose De La Cruz
Flagler, FL


Florida - Daytona Beach Kennel Club and Poker Room Top 36 Finishers

1. Jermaine Gerlin $106,732
2. Scott Davies $67,570
3. Manelic Minaya $45,248
4. Griffin Malatino $31,557
5. Eric Fetter $23,668
6. Dan Dalessandro $18,563
7. Thomas Giorgi $15,686
8. Igor Merda $12,994
9. Jose De La Cruz $11,184
10. Warren Janney $8,818
11. Plamen Stoyanov $8,818
12. Jon Graham $8,818
13. Jason Newman $6,636
14. Khoan Ho $6,636
15. Manoj Bhatia $6,636
16. Mark Manesh $5,198
17. Ronald Sullivan $5,198
18. Nicholas Cagianello $5,198
19. Corey Thompson $4,177
20. Robert Zarzycki $4,177
21. Scott Saunders $4,177
22. Lance Garcia $4,177
23. Jimmy Dowda $4,177
24. Robert Melo $4,177
25. Roy Whitehorne $4,177
26. Zhen Cai $4,177
27. Thomas Clements Jr $4,177
28. Cathey Schenone $3,481
29. Joseph Salvaggi $3,481
30. Brian Renda $3,481
31. Derek Bowers $3,481
32. Larry Lipman $3,481
33. Stan Jablonski $3,481
34. Antoinette Fiorenza $3,481
35. Jeffrey Pringle $3,481
36. Brian Sheeky $3,481

Florida - Daytona Beach Kennel Club and Poker Room Recap

‘Lion’ Roars Through Field for $106k on HPT

Local outlasts 316 entries at Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room

 Daytona Beach, FL (September 26, 2016) – Jermaine “Lion” Gerlin earned $106,732 on Monday by winning the Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) Main Event at Daytona Beach Kennel Club & Poker Room. The poker player from Jacksonville, Florida plans to use the winnings to purchase his first home. 

Gerlin steamrolled his way through the competition most of the day, along with his heads-up counterpart: well-known pro Scott Davies. After a lengthy back-and-forth match with Gerlin, Davies fell just short and took second place. On the final hand, he got his chips into the middle with pocket twos only to be called by Gerlin’s ace-ten. Two aces on the flop all but sealed the deal. Davies, from nearby Sunny Isles Beach, collected $67,570 for the runner-up finish.

Self-employed Manelic Minaya has built quite a resume in his decade-long poker career. The Tampa, Florida man has amassed more than $1.5 million in earnings. Now he can add an appearance at a televised HPT Final Table to his list of accomplishments. Davies eliminated Minaya in third place for a score of $45,248.

Denver, Colorado’s Griffin Malatino navigated his way through a field of over 500 players a few weeks ago to take down an HPT preliminary event in his home state. The electrical engineer made the trip to Florida to try his luck at a Main Event title and nearly made it happen. The eventual champ sent Malatino to the rail in fourth place. That finish was good for a $31,557 payday.

Coming into the day, attorney Eric Fetter listed his career winnings at negative $80. The Orlando man can adjust that figure now. Fetter invested $575 and won his tournament entry through HPT’s qualifier system. He parlayed that into a fifth-place finish and took home $23,668. When asked what he planned to do with his newfound winnings, Fetter responded, “I’m going to buy a parrot, a swing set, and a wizard suit.”

Operations Manager Dan D’Alesandro also played his way into the tournament through a qualifier. He found himself at the Final Table on a $400 investment. The Orange City, Florida native didn’t have many chips to begin the day, but he made the most of them. D’Alessandro would finish in sixth place and take home $18,563.

Nobody at the Final Table had more experience in front of the HPT cameras than Thomas Giorgi. The poker player from Valrico, Florida was making his third consecutive appearance under the lights in Daytona Beach. Unfortunately, the title remained elusive for Giorgi. He was knocked out in seventh place and collected $15,686. 

Igor Merda was playing his first ever HPT event. The Miami man outlasted over 300 other entrants, but wasn’t able to get anything going on Monday. He exited in eighth place for a score of $12,994. Merda plans to apply his winnings towards a family vacation.

The first player eliminated was Jose Delacruz. A pizza man by trade, Delacruz got caught in a bluff-gone-wrong situation early on. It was enough to end his day in ninth place. Delacruz earned $11,184 for his weekend’s worth of work.

From here the HPT truck will head west for the final two stops of its twelfth season. The next series begins later this week in Reno, Nevada. After that, the tour heads to Northern California for its championship event. All of the details are available at HPTpoker.com.


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