Colorado - Golden Gates Casino - $1,100

Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour
Black Hawk, CO
July 5 - 17, 2017
Total Prize Pool: $587,820
Total Entrants: 606
Congratulations to Shane Faulk for winning $132,262
and the HPT champion's bracelet!

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Colorado - Golden Gates Casino - $1,100 Quick Summary

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Colorado - Golden Gates Casino - $1,100 Top 9

First Place

Shane Faulk
Parker, CO

Second Place

David Charnick
Boulder, CO

Third Place

Micheal Englert
Fort Collins, CO

Fourth Place

Rory Hayes
Cheyenne, WY

Fifth Place

Jason Tate
Denver, CO

Sixth Place

Danny Gonzales
Denver, CO

Seventh Place

Ian Schwartz
Boulder, CO

Eighth Place

Thomas Bouziden
Colorado Springs, CO

Ninth Place

Baskaiyel Baker
, NA


Colorado - Golden Gates Casino - $1,100 Top 63 Finishers

1. Shane Faulk $132,262
2. David Charnick $81,707
3. Micheal Englert $53,550
4. Rory Hayes $37,209
5. Jason Tate $27,040
6. Danny Gonzales $20,985
7. Ian Schwartz $17,635
8. Thomas Bouziden $14,696
9. Baskaiyel Baker $11,756
10. Fernando Gavlan $9,052
11. Svetlana Martie $9,052
12. Joel Cunningham $9,052
13. Brian Leitch $6,750
14. Daniel Burke $67,660
15. Darren Hicks $6,760
16. Loi Nguyen $5,173
17. Mark Vangampleare $5,173
18. Eric Greenberg $5,173
19. Russell Hudson $3,800
20. Andrew Smolen $3,800
21. Melvin Mandell $3,800
22. Zhongmin Wu $3,800
23. Joel Zylberberg $3,800
24. Teresa Hemingway $3,800
25. Rani Haj $3,800
26. Michael Harris $3,800
27. Michael McCloud $3,800
28. Edward Konarske $3,233
29. Bobby Sanoubane $3,233
30. Bruce Carter $3,233
31. Robert Cummings $3,233
32. Ricardo Eyzaguirre $3,233
33. Angel Howell $3,233
34. Brandon Schwulst $3,233
35. Travis Maly $3,233
36. Suzanne Thompson $3,233
37. Tony Saccamono $2,704
38. Kevin Nelltes $2,704
39. Brian Riess $2,704
40. Brandon McCormick $2,704
41. Zackery Whitney $2,704
42. Eric Senrud $2,704
43. Dave Hampel $2,704
44. Brian Murphy $2,704
45. Dan Loizzo $2,704
46. Osama Aweida $2,292
47. Adrian Buckley $2,292
48. Jeffrey Orlowski $2,292
49. Richard Klein $2,292
50. Jesus Velasco $2,292
51. Charles Cox $2,292
52. Vikram Vijay $2,292
53. Daniel Nelson $2,292
54. James Carlan $2,292
55. Jordan Turoff $2,116
56. Ricardo Mendez Jr $2,116
57. Kevin Palmer $2,116
58. Fred Garcia $2,116
59. Joseph Gordon $2,116
60. Nezar Aweida $2,116
61. Anthony Aragon $2,116
62. Daniel Dougherty $2,116
63. Justin Enger $2,116

Colorado - Golden Gates Casino - $1,100 Recap

Faulk Wins 200th HPT Event in Black Hawk

606 total entries at Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour

Black Hawk, CO (July 18, 2017) – Shane Faulk dominated the final table at Heartland Poker Tour’s (HPT) 200th event Monday at Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour to capture the title, bracelet, and $132,262. Faulk, from Parker, Colorado, started the day with the chip lead and never looked back, taking out the final four competitors on his own.

“It’s an accomplishment that I wanted and hopefully I can get a couple more,” said the champ in his post-game interview with HPT’s Jaymz Larson.

The most animated character at Monday’s final table was Dave Charnick. Even with the big money on the line, the Boulder, Colorado native had an ear-to-ear smile on his face throughout the day. Charnick won his way into the event through a $260 qualifier tournament earlier in the week. He parlayed that all the way to a second-place finish, good enough for a $81,707 payday.

Faulk had Charnick outchipped eight to one when heads up play began. Charnick found a quick double up early on, but wasn’t able to get much going after that. In the end, he pushed the last of his chips in the middle with king-queen offsuit. Faulk went into the think tank for a few minutes before making the call with pocket twos. The board ran out in Faulk’s favor and that is how the tournament ended.

“I had a ton of fun. Thanks for having this tournament. I had a blast,” Charnick said with a grin.

In all, the Main Event at Golden Gates Casino had 606 entries. Each of the first 500 entries was given a commemorative poker chip as a memento for playing in the monumental event. This marked the 24th time that HPT has visited the Black Hawk, Colorado property. The next HPT series at Golden Gates is scheduled for September 8-18 later this year.

Realtor Michael Englert had the second largest stack at the start of the day. For a while he looked poised and ready to make a go at the title. Much like Charnick, Englert made his way to the final table on a $260 investment. Alas, he found himself all-in against the eventual champ with pocket sevens. Faulk hit a pair of jacks on the flop and Englert was unable to catch a seven on the turn or river. The Windsor, Colorado man collected $53,550 for third place.

Cheyenne, Wyoming’s Rory Hayes also fell at the hands of Faulk. Shortstacked, Hayes came over the top of Faulk’s raise with a 3-bet all in with ace-five of hearts. Faulk made the call with ace-nine of clubs. The community cards didn’t deliver any help to Hayes and the general contractor was sent to the rail in fourth place with $37,209.

After scoring a few early knockouts himself, Jason Tate became Faulk’s first victim when his river bluff was picked off by Faulk’s call with top pair. Tate, a roofing salesman from nearby Lakewood, walked away with $27,040 for fifth place.

Danny Gonzales has almost become a staple at HPT final tables in Colorado. The outspoken Denver native was making his sixth appearance under the bright lights of an HPT final table, five of which were at Golden Gates. The title remains elusive however as Gonzales is yet to log a victory with the tour. He exited in sixth place for a $20,985 payday.

Local poker pro Ian Schwartz had his work cut out for him as he started the day near the bottom of the pack. Forced to make a move early on, Schwartz put his stack in the middle with king-jack. Unfortunately for him, Hayes had him dominated with the ace-jack. Hayes’ hand held and Schwartz was out in seventh place. He earned $17,635 for his weekend’s worth of work.

The first player eliminated on the day was Colorado Springs citizen Tom Bouziden. Bouziden collected $14,696 for his eighth-place effort. Generally, HPT final tables begin with nine players, but a double knockout on the last hand Sunday evening sent Baskaiyel Baker packing in ninth place with $11,756.

From here, HPT heads south for a series in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Nine events remain on the 2017 schedule. For a look at those tour stops, head over to