Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour

Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour
Black Hawk, CO
February 9-21, 2017
Total Prize Pool: $1,156,890
Total Entrants: 787
Congratulations to Cord Garcia for winning $248,732
and the HPT champion's bracelet!

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Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Quick Summary

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Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Top 9

First Place

Lance Garcia
Houston, TX

Second Place

Daniel O'Brien
Las Vegas, NV

Third Place

Andrew Dean
Feeding Hills, MA

Fourth Place

Saad Vasquez
Castle Rock, CO

Fifth Place

Zohair Karim
Orlando, FL

Sixth Place

Benjamin Keeline
Oswego, IL

Seventh Place

Edward Sebesta
Richmond, TX

Eighth Place

Justin Enger
Denver, CO

Ninth Place

Torii Beeding
Denver, CO


Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Top 80 Finishers

1. Lance Garcia $248,732
2. Daniel O'Brien $153,982
3. Andrew Dean $100,881
4. Saad Vasquez $69,760
5. Zohair Karim $50,903
6. Benjamin Keeline $39,103
7. Edward Sebesta $32,277
8. Justin Enger $26,956
9. Torii Beeding $21,634
10. Ted Driscoll $16,312
11. Henry Meachum $16,312
12. Matt Lushin $16,312
13. Tom Ellsworth $12,610
14. Travis Miller $12,610
15. Max Young $12,610
16. Dan Dizenzo $9,371
17. Sam Maroon $9,371
18. Mike Puccio $7,288
19. Ryan Van Sanford $7,288
20. Robert Holtam $7,288
21. John Tobias $7,288
22. John Graham $7,288
23. Eric Leone $7,288
24. Tyler Corbett $7,288
25. Micheal Englert $7,288
26. Fred Garcia $7,288
27. Bobby Sanoubane $6,016
28. Danny Gonzales $6,016
29. Sterling Savill $6,016
30. Richard Ferguson $6,016
31. Kevin Eyster $6,016
32. Jeremy Brown $6,016
33. Clayton Hamm $6,016
34. Greg Jennings $6,016
35. Reginald Roberts $6,016
36. Timothy West $4,975
37. Jon Cohen $4,975
38. Bobby Garcia $4,975
39. Christopher Ocksrider $4,975
40. Raymond Ressin $4,975
41. Allen Kessler $4,975
42. Vikram Vijay $4,975
43. Matthew Voorhees $4,975
44. Warren Janney $4,975
45. Jeffrey Miller $4,396
46. Oscar Marti $4,396
47. Ryan Reinington $4,396
48. John Green $4,396
49. Mahesh Hingorani $4,396
50. Faraz Jaka $4,396
51. Ryan Dodson $4,396
52. Andreas Ramadanis $4,396
53. Darren Hicks $4,396
54. Adam Krach $3,933
55. Phillip Cummings $3,933
56. James Hoeland $3,933
57. Jeffrey Chandler $3,933
58. Daniel Sullivan $3,933
59. Charles Montoya $3,933
60. Ross Lantzy $3,933
61. Julian Black $3,933
62. Shawn Collett $3,933
63. Christopher Horter $3,355
64. Michael Comisso $3,355
65. Javid Chizari $3,355
66. Rickie Roske $3,355
67. Matt Stout $3,355
68. Gregory Geller $3,355
69. Sally Richman $3,355
70. Chad Lousberg $3,355
71. Michael Azzaro $3,124
72. Aaron Frei $3,124
73. Samuel Phillips $3,124
74. Stan Jablonski $3,124
75. Charles Harder $3,124
76. Riley Fuller $3,124
77. Matt Bond $3,124
78. Al Hart $3,124
79. Tanya Kirk $1,562
80. Eh Xiong $1,562

Colorado - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Recap

Back-to-Back for $248k on HPT

Cord Garcia collects second consecutive title in Colorado

Black Hawk, CO (February 20, 2017) – Cord Garcia topped one of the largest fields in Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) history at Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour to earn his second win in as many tries in Colorado. The Houston native earned $248,732 for first place less than six months after winning the same event.

The nationally-televised Main Event at Golden Gates drew 787 total entries, the second-largest field in the tour’s eleven-year history. A mix of pros and amateur poker enthusiasts from across the country made their way to the Black Hawk, Colorado property to take a shot at the million-dollar prize pool. Among the notables in the field were Faraz Jaka, Jerry Yang, and Stan Jablonski.

The road to victory wasn’t easy for Garcia as the final table was full of experienced competitors. One of those players was Las Vegas’s Dan O’Brien. With nearly $3 million in reported career earnings, O’Brien was one of the most feared players at the table. Together, O’Brien and Garcia eliminated every player at the table.

The two of them played heads-up poker for several hours before they finally got all of the chips into the middle. O’Brien held pocket kings and Garcia had ace-queen. O’Brien was in good shape to end the tournament until a river ace gave Garcia the pot and left O’Brien with only a few big blinds. Shortly after that, Garcia got the rest of the chips. O’Brien took home $153,982 for second place.

“I love this spot in Black Hawk,” O’Brien said with a smile. “You’ll probably see me here again soon.”

Professional poker player Andrew Dean quietly played his way to a top three finish. The Feeding Hills, Massachusetts man got the last of his chips in against Garcia as a big underdog. He was unable to catch one of the remaining outs in the deck and his day came to an end in third place. Dean still scored a six-figure payday, walking away with $153,982.

Construction worker Saad Vasquez made the most of his first HPT Main Event. Vasquez, from Castle Rock, Colorado, went out shortly before Dean when he found himself all-in with pocket sevens against O’Brien’s aces. The aces held and Vasquez was sent to the rail in fourth place with $69,760.

Another one of Garcia’s victims at the table was Zohair Karim. Karim has an impressive $1.5 million in earnings at the felt over the course of his career. Though he wasn’t able to add an HPT title to his resume, the Orlando, Florida man did play his way to a fifth-place finish, good enough for $50,903.

Westminster, Colorado’s Ben Keeline has something in common with the champ Garcia. They are the only two winners of the WSOP’s massive Colossus events. Keeline has a handful of HPT cashes under his belt, but this was his first time playing under the bright lights of the tour’s televised table. In the end, he went out in sixth place and earned $39,103 for his weekend’s worth of work.

Retiree Ed Sebesta was making his second appearance at an HPT Final Table in as many weeks. The Richmond, Texas man finished third in New Orleans earlier this month. In impressive fashion, Sebesta plans to donate all of his winnings to the Congregation of Holy Cross. That donation will come in the amount of $32,277 as that is what Sebesta collected for seventh place.

Torii Beeding and Justin Enger, both from nearby Denver, were the first two to players to be eliminated. Beeding came in as the small stack and wasn’t able to get anything going. He was the first to be knocked out by Garcia, going out in ninth place. Beeding earned $21,634. Enger went out in similar fashion, also at the hands of Garcia. He took home $26,956 for eighth.

From here, HPT will take a few weeks off before returning to Southern Indiana for another series at Belterra Casino Resort. For a full schedule of events at that tour stop as well as a list of all other upcoming events, visit