HPT Player Bio - Jayson Smith - Broomfield, CO

A little about Jayson Smith:

In fond remembrance


We first Met Jayson in 2007 at the Lucky Nugget Card Club in Deadwood, SD.  He soon became a regular on the HPT circuitÖ..at least locations within a 10 hour drive or less.  I distinctly remember conversations with Jayson.  He was not fond of flying.  We also periodically talked about the meat market business and he often spoke very highly of the people that ran the business so well.  He credited them and his family for allowing him to have the time to play poker.

He could almost always be found playing the cash tables until just minutes before the qualifiers or main events would start.  He was a blast to play with and a very special person.  The very first time I met Jayson he brought me and many of our crew to tears as he cried himself while reading a note his daughter had written him and that he carried in his breast pocket.   I remember, she wanted him to become a thousandaire.   I never did have the fortune of meeting Jaysonís family but he frequently talked of them at the poker table.  Jayson had always promised me the best steak he could find on my next trip to Colorado.  I guess Iíll take a rain check and change of location on that steak.  Jayson will be missed.


Greg Lang

Executive Producer HPT

and the entire HPT family.

Funeral services will be held on Thursday, February 26th at Horan and McContay funeral home

9998 Grant Street

Thornton, CO

Viewing will be at 9:00am, service at 10:00 - 11:00am.  Flowers can be sent to the above address.

Jayson Smith's Results in Previous HPT Events:

October 14, 2007Golden Gates Casino9$13,905200
October 21, 2007Lucky Nugget Card Club4$16,033450
November 04, 2007Meskwaki Bingo Casino7$12,171300

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