Ft Lauderdale, FL (January 26, 2013) – Heartland Poker Tour filmed its first-ever 9-handed Final Table aboard a
Card Player Cruise on Friday, setting the stage for their first event of the year in the ship’s disco hall. Rough waters
made the shoot especially challenging, but it was smooth sailing for chip leader Richard Enriquez. Two pair on the
river against ace-five made the California man the first HPT champion of 2013.

Enriquez and his wife booked the week-long cruise to celebrate their 23 rd wedding anniversary. When his mother-
in-law fell ill, his wife stayed home in Los Angeles but encouraged him to go without her. Despite celebrating
apart, winning $36,000 may make it their best anniversary yet.

Over 300 vacationers enjoyed sand and surf and poker on the seven-day Caribbean cruise, snorkeling by day and
stacking chips by night. Cash games, side events and HPT’s Main Event made the poker room the busiest place on
the ship. For thirteen players, a fun getaway turned into the vacation of a lifetime when they cashed in the Main
Event. They earned at least enough to cover their expenses for the week and go home with some cash.

There was more at stake for Minnesota’s Jeremy Dresch. For years Dresch had the distinction of being the only
player to win multiple HPT titles with three championships to his credit. As Greg “FossilMan” Raymer went on a
tear through the Heartland late last year, Dresch paid close attention. He took notice when Raymer matched his
success with a third win in Iowa. When Raymer earned his fourth title at HPT’s year-end event, Dresch booked his
trip to the first tournament of 2013 to “chase Raymer.”

Three bad beats in a row kept Dresch from catching the world champion with a fourth win. His elimination
began with cracked aces and spiraled downhill from there with ace-ten and ace-six losing out on the river. Card
Player Cruises’ Linda Johnson praised Dresch for his good sportsmanship despite the bad beats. “He’s a great
representative for the game,” she said.

Dresch’s “Minnesota nice” was mirrored by fan favorite Molly Mossey. An HPT regular, “Minnesota Molly” made
her first HPT TV table and took over the chip lead early Friday. “I love, love, love HPT,” said Mossey, who travels
to many HPT events, “It was just icing on the cake that this one was on a cruise…it’s been amazing.” As the sun set
over the ocean, Mossey lost her lead. Eliminated in fifth place, Mossey will return to snow and cold with $7,980 to
warm her heart.

In addition to Dresch and Mossey, many tour regulars from around the country set sail with HPT, including Ken
Rosheisen, Stan Jablonski, Steen Ronlov, and Rebecca Koransky, all with TV experience at previous HPT events.
Koransky enjoyed a week at sea with her sister and returned to the States with $2700 in tenth place.

Steve Fox of Mason, Michigan outlasted Koransky to get the ninth seat at the TV table. Although he was the short
stack, he was grateful for the opportunity to play on TV. A cancer survivor, Fox thanked God “for bringing me this
far.” Eliminated in the third hand of the day, Fox collected $3300 in ninth place.

Janet Moore of Willits, California found herself heads up on her first poker cruise. She spent the week exploring
exotic ports in Honduras, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Mexico. “I’m having a great time,” said Moore, “and
meeting lots of wonderful people.” She plans to use part of the $21,600 she earned as runner-up to “pay for the
next poker cruise,” she said, “I am hooked.”