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Ameristar East Chicago - $1,650

Days 1A/B Chipcounts

Here are the players advancing from Days 1A and 1B to Monday's Day 2 HPT $1650 BB ante Main Event at Ameristar East Chicago.

Hold'em Live Updates
May 12, 2018 10:13 PM

Here are the 44 players advancing from Days 1A and 1B to Monday's Day 2 HPT $1650 BB ante Main Event at Ameristar East Chicago. Follow all the action at

Darrell Haywood - 527,000

Myung Shin - 464,000

Jason Dewitt - 389,500

David McGowan - 335,000

Michael Kamenjarin - 335,000

Freddy Hamad - 322,000

Niel Mittelman - 291,000

Barry Schmiess - 266,000

Michael Schlegel - 262,000

Mark Van Keirsbilck - 245,000

Joe Kuether - 242,000

Brendon Shiller - 229,000

Joe Hack - 224,000

Ahmad Zughayer - 222,000

Gary Herstein - 190,000

Steven Clark - 189,000

Robert Kruk - 188,000

Elwood Whitney - 185,000

Ala Aqel - 183,000

Art Harb - 177,000

Larry Bielfuss - 176,000

Jacob Baumgartner - 163,000

Sandeep Sikand - 159,000

William Palmer - 152,000

Jason Ramos - 151,000

Ben Grise - 142,000

Eric Toscano - 142,000

Reginald Roberts - 126,000

Robert Geith - 119,000

Jerry Pachciarz - 116,000

Gary Liebovitz - 114,000

Rares Raibulet - 112,000

Barb Walston - 99,000

Tracy Gibson - 93,000

David Weiss - 90,000

Casey Blakeley - 79,000

Aaron Johnson - 78,000

Matthew Mueller - 78,000

James Casement - 75,000

Jim Juvanic - 71,000

Darryl Ronconi - 70,000

Bala Iyer - 57,000

Harold Evans - 45,000

Aaron Massey - 43,000


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